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GOP projection – psychology 101

A few select Neanderthal type GOP males are making a habit of deliberately putting both feet in their mouths at the same time and demonstrating just how ignorant they are about women. Just about any subject about women seems to be completely foreign to this subset of semi-human males.

During the last election cycle we were “treated” to a revolving door of mostly GOP males along with their female enablers — each trying win the award for stupidest remarks demonstrating their low IQ. The dim bulb GOP fella from Missouri held the title for dumbest remarks about rape ever spoken in front of an audience and on the record. His remark has something to do with his lack of knowledge about biology and his rejection that women can be raped. Someplace on YouTube there is a montage of male talking heads in the year 2009, on TV, making sexist, misogynistic remarks about the nerve of Hillary Clinton running for President. Most of these fellas call themselves “liberals”.

Yesterday the Christian Taliban — no not the Duck Dumb asses with their long Taliban like beards showing their solidarity with other women hating patriarchal world religions — this Christian Taliban apparently wants women to wear black shrouds, veils and masks in order to hide all visual evidence that the lump under the shroud is a living, breathing human who just happens to be female.

When are the sane males going to raise up and shut the man whores, like Huckabee etc., the hell up?

How many more of the GOP hopefulls going repeat the misogynistic themes of the religious right wing ding dong like Huckabee — who seems to believe that any woman who takes birth control pills or uses any sort of birth control is a whore/slut etc. Mr. Huckabee is merely projecting* his dirty thoughts onto all women. Apparently Mr. Huckabee is letting is little head do his thinking — and every time he sees a woman — he has some of those “dirty – impure thoughts” — so he hears birth control and then his mind goes to whores and their sugar daddies who supply birth control pills so that they can take one. Well apparently many of the GOP males have no idea how birth control pills work or the fact that just because women take birth control pills doesn’t mean that they go to a bar to pick up a f*** buddy every night.

One way for the cookie cutter GOP fellas to be seen is to make stupid remarks about the female/sluts — since the males of the GOP seem hell bent on fighting their own personal wars against women. Now Mr. Huckabee has got his name in the news by saying something rude and stupid about women — so that name recognition has put him ahead of the rest of the idiot Neanderthal GOP males.

As someone who was grew up in a GOP home — at a time when the Democrat party was the anti-ERA party as well as the anti-Civil Rights party — it is really painful to watch the GOP sink lower and lower into the political slime. There really isn’t that much difference between either major party in terms of general attitude toward women. If we look at the actual gains women have made as opposed to the words — it is evident that women still have a long way to go before we have full human rights. Women’s rights are human rights.

One of these days GOP males will be forced to stop insulting the majority of males who don’t see each female they encounter as a slut/whore simply because the woman is a female human being. And yes humans are sexual creatures — at the same time there is something called “female choice” and a whole lot of women find stupid, ignorant males to be utterly non-sexy. So Huckie boy — you might be finding favor in a party of Neanderthals but you aren’t winning over the women’s vote. (As Gov. Huckabee — old Huckie supported contraception. Which tells me that the GOP fellas are blowing smoke to get noticed.)


Projection is a defense mechanism that involves taking our own unacceptable qualities or feelings and ascribing them to other people. For example, if you have a strong dislike for someone, you might instead believe that he or she does not like you. Projection works by allowing the expression of the desire or impulse, but in a way that the ego cannot recognize, therefore reducing anxiety.

Muslim preacher tells Christian women to cover up or get raped.

Christian preacher tells bride to cover up.

Virginia preacher – women are sinners if their dress to make their bodies noticed.

Orthodox Jewish dress code for women. Wikipedia entry — modesty for Jewish women.

One paper bag fits all.



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