In the news – end of January 2014

Senator Reid is against “Fast Track” for Treaties. This is a hopeful sign — since this is an election year. The corportist Obama wants to fast track the TPP as well as the Atlantic treaty which is great for Mega Corporations and the mega rich but not so great for the environment or the working stiffs in all countries involved in the super secret talks involving the corporate treaties. GMO will become even more wide spread. GMO = genetically modified organisms – should be a choice for those who believe the corporate line.

Another response to Senator Reid’s NO to fast track. Naked Capitalism — from an Economist’s POV.

Although Reid was known to be opposed to fast track, it’s quite another matter for him as a Democratic Congressional leader to tell Obama to take a hike. I can’t recall such frontal and public opposition to an important Administration initiative before. This is really humiliating.

And it also checkmates Obama, at least for now.

In the what else is new from chief Neanderthal Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) — the world is going to blow up —  something something because the US is not going to be dropping tons of bombs etc. on X country in the Middle East or somewhere. This is a creepy looking person — we can expect him to make a misogynistic fairly soon. He seems over due — don’t you think?

More news that one of the GOP east coast Governors (Chris somebody or the other) has been a bully — surprise surprise. Wasn’t there a study which linked politicians to psychopathic behavioral traits?

In environmental news — 0bamaland also known as Hawaii– the state government is trying to over ride local laws about the wide testing of GMOs — Hawaii is a corporate friendly state and Goldman Sachs is tight with the leadership of Hawaii — so is Monsanto — home of the GMO impending holocaust. is a great place for current environmental news topics.

Pennsylvania is apparently owned by the oil companies — the ones who frack – and fracking can happen anywhere. It seems that an anti fracking activist is more or less banned from a 300 sq mile area of Pennsylvania — but it is up to her to figure out exactly where she can and can’t go — because the fracking oil companies own the fracking rights to huge, vast areas. To hell with the right to clean drinking water — corporate interests and profits come first in Pennsylvania. No wonder my ancestors headed west a few generations back. I wonder what the Quakers think about Fracking? Fracking really sounds like one of those words that should be banned — it is very close to that other F word. Note that all of this fracking business has happened under the reign of Prez 0bama. No wonder I’m an Independent — hard to tell the real difference between GW Bush and his twin 0bama.

Grist has many stories not covered by the mainstream/corporate media. That Obama cared for what happens environmentally to this planet in the long term and to a few humans who are being poisoned by their drinking water in West Virginia is clear by 0bama’s non actions and the fact that “anything goes” under his watch. You would think that since he has two daughters who may have babies that he would be concerned about how his non actions will impact their world. You know the 7th generation ideal of guarding today’s environment for the next generations — sort of forward thinker??

Then of course there are the flat earth — climate change deniers — who are waiting for the rapture and the return of a Christ to reinvent the world. The most important goal of the Sen. Grahams of this world is for the Middle East to blow up — because this is where his Bible tells him the End of the world/end of time will happen. The problem is if their Jesus Christ manages to arrive early there’s a good chance that he’d never survive. If anyone still really believes that mythology??

Update with SOTU by 0bama commentary from here and there on the WWW.

0bama’s state of the Corporation — oil/gas corporations. There’s a quiz about which parts of 0bama’s SOTU were written by oil companies.

Which part of Obama’s State of the Union was written by the oil industry?

a) “America is closer to energy independence than we’ve been in decades”
b) “natural gas – if extracted safely, it’s the bridge fuel that can power our economy with less of the carbon pollution that causes climate change.”
c) fracking for oil and gas can be “sustainable”
d) all of the above

The answer is literally, “all of the above.”

(read the rest at the link — wonder where the millions and millions for 0bama’s campaign came from? We know who 0bama works for and it is NOT we the people.) No mention of the thousands of people in West Virginia who drank poisoned water and 0bama’s EPA acts as an advocate of the corporations. I’m thinking that 0bama plans for his descendents to be on space ships headed for distant life supporting planets. Wonderful 0bama legacy — yep. zero for planet Earth.


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