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Death penality or state sanctioned murder?

There are individuals who are not fit to be part of the human race — the supreme dictators/despots who were fond of blood sports and endless war and genocide — the ones we studied in history class or the serial killers who will continue their killing sprees until they themselves die. (An interesting side note — animal behavior — male macho alpha mouse behavior in particular. According to researchers the extreme macho male mice are killed off by the ordinary male mice — can’t be too extreme in the mouse world and survive. What does this mean for other mammals or other species?? How the heck do I know — but Aggressive Behavior is the name of a behavior research journal with a whole lot of interesting published research — peer reviewed — even!)

Most of the world has turned away from using execution as a form of “punishment”. Many states like Ohio have turned to “medical” chemical poison to carry out executions — except the countries in which the chemicals are made refuse to sell the drugs to be used for execution. Ohio decided to go ahead with an untried mix of medical poisons to carry out the latest execution. The execution did not go well — it took longer than “normal” and it is reported that the convict was gasping for air. The latest blame game has the lawyers of the now dead convict coaching the guy to gasp for air (that was from FOX news — which isn’t really about news anyway). OK well — it is Ohio so what can be expected. The lawyer deny that they coached their client. Is execution really a “deterrent” to other “criminals”? Are all crimes, individuals who commit the crimes treated the same? No — we already know that race, gender, age, socioeconomic status are factored into the bottom line of who pays for the crime. If the crime is theft — the bigger the theft — like millions by Wall Street Bankers — the least likely any jail time for the biggest thieves. Money laundering and other crimes by the petty thieves — we already know which ones will be doing the time and which guys will be getting the bonus.

Executing the condemned by gas, electric chair, hanging, firing squad and mixed chemical cocktail are the current favored ways to legally murder other human beings in the USA. How many innocent people have been executed — my guess is far more than the blood lusting masses care to believe. Now if the murderer happens to be a cop then the chances are high that the cop will get away with murder. The recent case of the cops caught on video beating a schizophrenic man to death — even with the proof of murder caught on video — the cops walked — to kill again. Too often cops kill once and they go out and kill again. Seems like once that line of “thou shalt not murder” is crossed — the next murder is easier. How many of the killer cops have done the same on the world’s battle fields. Part of military training is to remove the tabu against killing other humans and the enemy becomes the dehumanized other.

Then we find ourselves in the murky waters of the Boston Marathon Bombing (BMB). Old Attorney General Holder has decided that the surviving brother should be executed/murdered if he is found guilty. No surprise — Old Holder was the guy who was involved in guns getting into drug lords hands — or some such nonsense. That would the the Fast and Furious case — thought up in DC and played out with real people’s lives.

There are a whole lot of details about the BMB that don’t make a lot of sense. People died and many people were injured — that is a fact that shouldn’t be questioned. Then there is a photoshopped image of one of the suspects near the scene of the crime. Why the doctored image — released as proof? Strange.

The points where the questions come are the plans for bomb drills, and the current surviving brother really doesn’t fit the profile that the CIA, FBI and Boston cops have tried to feed us. What was with a whole area called Watertown being shut down under . . .

Martial law is the imposition of military rule by military authorities over designated regions on an emergency basis.
Martial law is usually imposed on a temporary basis when the civilian government or civilian authorities fail to function effectively (e.g., maintain order and security, or provide essential services), when there are extensive riots and protests, or when the disobedience of the law becomes widespread. Fundamentally it is a requirement put on civilian government when they fail to function correctly. (Wikipedia)

One of FireDogLake.com writers has been following the BMB news and personalities and providing summaries and asking fact based questions. The hope is that there will be a trial because we need answers — was one of the US security agencies somehow involved long before there was a bombing? One of the uncles has ties to the CIA and the mother of the boys claims that the FBI was in contact with her boys. There are valid questions about the stories floating around this case. For instance what about the death of a supposed friend of the older brother in Florida by an FBI agent. On the surface it looks like an unarmed, crippled guy was executed by the FBI using 6 bullets including one to the head. What does this case have to do with the BMB case? Questions — questions — questions — and very few facts. The writers and commentators to each article are asking tough questions — playing the role of informed citizens. When our government tells us something we do NOT want to be lied to.

Problem is that time after time our government has lied to us — to the point that none of the stories the spy or law “enforcement” come up with to explain an event makes any logical sense. It started perhaps with that single pristine bullet found close to JFK in the hospital — which became the single bullet theory upon which several political careers were built. Cover ups of cover ups of covers ups. I grew up in the military and had a front row seat to military lies, lying and disinformation.

We need fact and details — it is so easy for the beast which rules the emotional mob to be whipped into a killing frenzy. Humans all over the world have been turned into killing mobs. Humans can and do get in touch with their more primitive monsters. Through history we’ve seen so many mob murders. The dark ages is when millions of women were murdered by mobs — burned at the stake. But after a “trial” by representatives of the church.

It would seem that the BMB stories and the really bad terrorist who is in jail — and his brother in the ground — there are some illogical string of “evidence” that don’t make any sense. We need a trial and tough questions need to be asked — because if it happens that the bombers were really someone else — then the REAL villains are out there. It is always important to find the real bad guys and not just the easy guys who can be blames so that the mob goes home happy — knowing that in a few years and for the cost of a few million bucks someone can be murdered by the state or federal government.

We live in a very strange world — people really believe this stuff — and these people are considered sane??

Like back in the dark ages — just take any women off the street — put on a show trial — burn her at the stake and then confiscate her property for the church. Just some ordinary state/church sanctioned murders — several million murders.

State sanctioned murders are part of the long ago dark ages before humans evolved to a better place. That’s the mythology I’d like to be true.


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