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TSA and NSA — peeping Toms

As many of us knew — the TSA were merely using those nude xray machines to laugh (or get an extra dirty look) at paying customers of the airlines — aka the passengers who are either x-rayed or groped by perverts.

Security Theater is what this crap is called — and I’ve been aware of the worthless use of resources to pretend that the USG is doing “something”.

Well someone who worked at a major airport as a TSA pervert has written a lengthy article telling us nay sayers that we are absolutely correct about the game called Security Theater which is costing us billions of wasted money — in extra fees and in millions of waster hours playing the games of being passive submissive blobs passing through stupid security checks, taking off our shoes and having to deal with stupid people and stupid question. Idiots who probably don’t even have a high school diploma — pretending to do behavior profiles on passengers. What a crock of stinking garbage the politicians in DC have fed the pathetic flying public.

NSA is playing the peeking Tom as well — stripping everyone naked — no privacy.

One of the comments following this tell all confession from a former TSA pervert — is the question — if there is the NSA spying on everyone — then why have the TSA spying on everyone — down to their skin? This spying is all for show and for blackmail.

Groping children and babies — right there is the red flag that the TSA is full of perverts.

If anyone believes that the nude photos taken by the TSA are deleted — then the word Sucker! fits.

The nude xray machines came online on 0bama’s watch — ultimately he is responsible for this particular Security Theater. NSA grew under 0bama’s watch as well. NSA is run by the military — therefore the military is spying on civilians — this is really evil. The military considers civilians as the enemy — it must — because of the wording of the “targets” and the target of “collect it all” are we civilians. GW Bush was as bad and Mittens Romney would have been bamboozled by the military — exactly the way 0bama is being bamboozled.



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