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Blackmail just waiting to happen

The thing with the military NSA collecting every bit of data on Americans and then allowing other semi military organizations (police) to mine this unedited mass chaos of data — is that the elected (by the people) and those who are appointed by people elected by the people can be spied on by the very semi military and military who are supposed to oversee the military and police.

This has already happened — in Missouri — where else?

Officers running background checks on their own supervisors isn’t a good idea, especially when it gives the unauthorized access the appearance of being politically motivated — and possibly ordered by a county official. (This has been denied, of course.) Simply running a check for any other reason than “criminal justice” is itself illegal. And now Fitch is trying to figure out who else these officers have “checked out” in violation of policy.

Now I’m wondering just how deep this goes — like having the cops do a background check on jury members who will be sitting in judgment of killer cops or cops or rape or commit other crimes. Then the citizen supervisory boards that seem to clear cops of any wrong doing when a hand cuffed prisoner shoots himself in the head while in the cop car??? Or how about the Medical examiner backing the cops when clearly pathologists hired by someone other than the cops finds that something is really stinky in the morgue.

Obviously cops have a hard job — and in some places it is really difficult to tell the difference between the local gangs and the gangs of cops. We want to believe that the guys who are driving around with slogans on their vehicles like “serve and protect” really are there to make us all safe. But any more we sort of wonder if the guy in the cop car is one of the good guys . . . or not. It is obvious that cops aren’t doing too well at policing their own — that if given a choice many will keep silent. How many movies based on true stories have been made in the last few decades? How many corrupt cop stories are reported each year — and these are the ones we learn about.

So now we have the NSA and other spy agencies ready to allow who knows how many state, county, city cop “agencies” do background checks or whatever? It wouldn’t be hard to get a bit of information and add a couple twists and then use that information to blackmail — well just about anyone who can be controlled or used for less than legal reasons.

This spying and collecting masses of unverified data on everyone who isn’t an absolute hermit — has been the topic of spy thrillers, and science fiction thrillers as well as alternative reality/sci fi books that when we read about police spying in the real world the scenario is one we have read (or watched in the movies or on TV) and we know how the movie ends.

Then there is the case of the NSA giving other agencies (DEA) intell on an individuals — but the other agencies who make use of the illegal NSA data are taught how to create a parallel investigative paper trail to cover up the fact that the intell to bring charges against the alleged criminals was from a dirty source. Which means that a whole lot of “convictions” could be questionable because the foundation of the “evidence” is made of sand — bits of data — bits of sand.

Update — International Blackmailing — climate change talks in Denmark were sunk by NSA spying. Which sort of indicates that the NSA was working of US corporations who are among the biggest climate deniers.

31 Jan 2014 6:00 AM

Did spying take Copenhagen from Hopenhagen to Brokenhagen?



To those interested in trying to stop — or at least slow down — climate change, the 2009 Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen, which was dubbed “Hopenhagen” before it began, is remembered today as “Brokenhagen.” The summit’s failure to come to any kind of agreement was a key factor in pushing climate change activists away from working within governmental channels and towards direct action fights, like Keystone.

Why did Brokenhagen happen? Was it just a clash of expectations? Too many cooks in the climate accord kitchen? Was it bad behavior by China? The U.N.? The Senate?

Now we can add one other potential culprit to the Agatha Christie mystery that was Copenhagen: spying.

From the beginning, negotiators told the Danish newspaper Information, the Americans in Copenhagen seemed to know too much. “I was often completely taken aback by what they knew,” an anonymous member of the Danish negotiating team told the paper.

Now, new documents released by Laura Poitras and Edward Snowden have made it certain: The NSA was conducting surveillance at the Copenhagen talks (formally known as COP15). Among its discoveries: China and India were teaming up behind the scenes, and the Danish were thinking of dropping the Kyoto protocol, but were trying to keep that information secret out of a worry that the United States would use that as leverage for their own purposes.


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