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Single payer not up for discussion

Follow the money. $20 million reasons why Single Payer as part of the ACA  was NEVER on the white house table for discussion.

0bama got a whole lot of campaign funds for the “health insurance industry”.

Naked Capitalism blog has a lengthy post about 0bama and the details of killing off Single Payer and why single payer was never on the negotiation table. Instead Americans were given the dumb s*** piece of garbage remake of the Mittens Romney’s health insurance mess in Mass of two sh*** otherwise known as Massachusetts. I spent two winters in western Mass — and I saw first hand political corruption on a massive scale.

So  in 2008 the Nation votes for a corrupt politician from the Chicago political machine– one guy who managed to make his way up the political — pay to play system of politics. As friends who grew up in Chicago have told me — no honest person makes it to the top of the political pile in Chicago. Then this corrupt politician and his handlers finds the blue prints for his “signature” law in the other corrupt state — of Massachusetts. Yep like we knew what was going to happen before the ink dried on the ACA law. No need for psychics or fortune tellers — one only needed to read about the dirty politics of Chicago and Massachusetts in order to predict the mess and the new multi millionaires of the newly minted “health insurance” companies.

Apparently in order to cut costs the insurance companies are eliminating “network” doctors and hospitals (nope — you do not get to keep your doctor). Evidently all of this happened when the Massachusetts “health” insurance plan went into effect. Massachusetts is now looking at controlling health care costs — the after thought that should have been considered from day one.

After a year of data collection and analysis, the state’s newly created Health Policy Commission estimated last month that between 21 percent and 39 percent of all health spending in Massachusetts in 2012 could be considered wasteful.

I am NOT arguing for the GOP newest alternative but rather making the case that National Health Insurance — Single Payer — should have been the goal all along. As it is GOP governors are hurting people in their state by trying to derail 0bama care.

What is also needed are cost controls and financial aid to medical students — scholarships for x number of years of service to the US National health care system. Medicare should be expanded for all. Then for the folks that want more than the vanilla band of health care — people can buy into health care supplemental insurance. Switzerland has a mixed system and in the UK the wealthy can buy insurance so that they can eliminate some of the waiting lists etc. I do know that expat Brits pay the air fare back to England in order to access the UK’s National health care system  — even the wealthy Brits who live over seas.

The majority of Americans who were polled said that they wanted single payer health care insurance. But I guess $20 million speaks a lot louder — especially to someone who managed to climb to the top of the Chicago political machine. No wonder fewer people are identifying themselves as Independents — not wanting to be associated with the political pigs of either party.

Cost control is the elephant in the living room

Even Americans who have health insurance struggle to pay their medical bills, according to a startling new analysis of Census data. And it’s not clear if Obamacare will make the problem totally disappear.

One in five U.S. families with health insurance have medical bills that they cannot afford to pay in full, according to a recent brief from a division of the Department of Health and Human Services that looked at 2012 data.

For some people the cost of “health” care insurance — even under 0bamacare will still be too high to use. With high deductibles and uncontrolled health care cost this means the paper value of the insurance and how much families still have to pay out of pocket will mean that health care isn’t affordable. Frankly I hope that I’m wrong — but with single payer off the table and with hundreds of insurance companies playing the middle man between consumers and medical professionals — not much will change. The insurance companies will still be doing their best to NOT pay for medical treatment. It is in the interest of the insurance companies to make a whole lot of money. Will Americans get what they paid for? Too bad Americans can’t buy elections like major corporations and businesses seem to be doing with the blessings of the Supreme Court.


A footnote about lack of coherent mental health policy and treatment for those with mental illness — as far as I can see there isn’t much improvement under 0bama’s mess. It is so sad — he could have been so much more and he could have made a difference — but the dye was set and the mixed race guy from Hawaii — where mixed race individuals are the majority — had already made the choices and promises to secure his future place in the .01 percent.






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