World ice melts – Florida is gone

Check out the maps at this link. Florida and the existing Atlantic Shore line are gone. Obviously it  will take many many years for all the glaciers and ice capes at the North and South poles to melt. But Florida is the really big piece of real estate that gets covered up by water. Also a large chunk of the shore line along the Gulf of Mexico will be gone. Sort of interesting that mother nature might not be pleased with the climate change/global warming deniers.

I’m not posting the images — because they are far too large and you’ll want to click on the images for the much larger image which shows in detail how the shapes on the world map will change. Atlantis — perhaps that story was a prediction of the future? Has the tipping point been reached when the ice melt can be slowed and then stopped? But I don’t see the massive changes by the major players — the major corporations adding to the global warming , the ones who are busy making tons of money which is being largely banked in off shore accounts (looking at you Apple corporation) do not care about the future. Major corporation care only about the quarterly bottom line and getting their TTP through congress and signed by their bought and paid for president.

Anyway Florida is going to be the next Atlantis in stories told to children a few thousand years from now. Will the images created now survive so that children (if the human race survives) will know what the selfish people of this era have done?




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