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The Day WE fight back

Today is the day we fight back against mass surveillance. Subservience is a word that comes up if you happen to misspell surveillance. Interesting. Because with the TSA, NSA and Homeland Insecurity as well as the new Coast Guard — same name but with a mission to spy on civilians. (O.K. maybe or maybe not since there is now a law suit against the Coast Guard and the spy arm of the Homeland Insecurity called Fusion — for spying on civilians in Washington State. Will this law suit go all the way to the Supreme Court — which just make back “spy on us all” -all the time?)

This USG mass surveillance is serious — the Coast Guard has not yet installed the equipment so that May Day and other water related emergency calls can be triangulated. Canada’s Coast Guard has the equipment to locate people who need emergency help but might not be able to give their exact location.¬† What the Homeland Insecurity wants all boaters to do is install expensive equipment on all boats etc. so that all boats etc. can be monitored real time — is it just so Homeland Insecurity cares so much — or that on the water is just one more place that the NSA, Coast Guards and Homeland Insecurity can track and record and store the data on millions of Americans? The Coast Guard is NOT your grandparents or even your parents Coast Guard any more — the Coast Guard is just another spy agency wrapped up in another spy agency called Homeland (In)Security.

Check Techdirt.com for more information on why we must fight the NSA spying. Techdirt has a blog entry about their support of the efforts to fight back or push back mass USG surveillance. Read the comments — there are ways we can take back our lives and not become submissive subservient citizens to the spy agencies.

To those who say that if we have nothing to hide then why worry?? The standard response to those trusting folks still naive enough to believe in Santa Claus — o.k. fine –DO NOT put all of your personal data including pass words on the internet — something like facebook — or just hand out cards with how to access all your information to anyone. Everyone has stuff that should be kept personal — everyone has secrets.

We know from the recent past as well as the distant past that personal facts and information and secrets can be manipulated — even the most innocent of facts used by anyone who wants total control over everyone can be twisted and used against the innocent.

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