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The world is changing — and not for the better

During the Occupy events mostly in NYC many of us were shocked by the extreme police brutality. Although there is a long history in America of police working for the corporations and the wealthy to pacify the unwashed masses. Inthe case of Occupy Wall Street — much of the police brutality was captured by the public as the attacks were happening.

In one of these cases being tried this week — a woman faces up to 7 years for “assaulting” a cop. The truth is that this cop should be stripped of his job and sent to Russia or somewhere other than America. This cop (undercover – not in uniform) walked up behind Cecily McMillian and grabbed her right breast — so hard that the hand shaped bruise was visible for days afterwards. She reacted as any sane women would to a strange male groping her breast — she elbowed him. She was then dragged by the creep to a group of cops who proceeded to kick and beat her — until she began seizing — again this behavior by the cops was documented and witnessed by people who were there. This video was also live streamed to the world.

Cecily McMillan was brutally arrested at an event marking the 6 month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street on March 17, 2012.  In the course of her arrest she sustained a violent police beating resulting in bruised ribs and a seizure. Cecily was hospitalized for those injuries.  The egregious incident received extensive media coverage.

Way back in the stone ages children were taught that the police were good and that there were needed to protect us. Any strange male that walks up and violently grabs a woman’s breast is dangerous.

ALL of this violence against peaceful protestors came under the reign of Lord 0bama. And it was 0bama’s Fascist Homeland (In)security that coordinated  the cops in other cities that the Occupy movement spread to. Oakland, California was another hot spot of violence by cops and extreme injuries to peaceful protestors.

We are seeing a pattern of sexual assaults, sexual molestation, physical intimidation,  violence against women by cops. At the same time crimes against women are ignored, filed away, and the civilian bad guys are allowed to continue as if no laws apply to them.

All I can say is that I’m glad I do not have children, or grandchildren — if it were my kids being assaulted by cops I’d be forming a league of parents of kids assaulted by cops and start protesting, and working to get some sane civilian over sight of the militarized civilian police “officers”.

As it is what I can do is point out that allowing this sort of violent behavior by cops — in a deliberate effort to send a message to women — that this is Authoritarian behavior which is typical of a Fascist dictatorship. We don’t yet have a Fascist dictatorship but we are well on the way to something very nasty and vulgar and evil where people disappear and no one cares except the mothers of the children who have disappeared. Argentina.

update — here’s an article by By David Graeber, Naked Capitalism on Truthout documenting the deliberate sexual assault by police “officers” against women beginning on 17 March 2010 — link to full article.

 As Naomi Wolf has recently reminded us, the US security apparatus has long “used sexual humiliation as a tool of control.” Any experienced activist is aware of the delight police officers so often take in explaining just how certainly they will be raped if placed in prison. Strip searches—which the Supreme Court has recently ruled can be deployed against any citizen held for so much as a traffic violation—are often deployed as a tool of humiliation and punishment. And one need hardly remark on well-documented practices at Guantanamo, Bagram, or Abu Ghraib. Why target women in particular? No doubt it’s partly simply the logic of the bully, to brutalize those you think are weak, and more easily traumatized. But another reason is, almost certainly, the hope of provoking violent reactions on the part of male protestors.

One thing I do remember from my Sociology classes is that one horrible fall out of wars is that the techniques used by the US military against the “enemy” is brought back to the US and then used against the citizens of the US by the police. We are seeing that happen now — the use of sexual assault, and violence. The military run NSA treats all of us as suspects. Apparently this is also the opinion of most police departments as well as the TSA. We the people — the ones who pay the taxes of the cops and the NSA and TSA are the suspects. More evidence of the march towards a Fascist world.

Here is a link of cops deliberately grabbing a woman breast and squeezing — you can see the cop’s muscle flexing and the woman mouth in open in a scream. What at creepy nasty NYC pig cop. How can anyone have respect for the criminals wearing the cop uniforms.

The above link also has the video of the NYC pig cop pepper spraying a corralled and capture Occupy participant.

More photos of NYC’s pig cops in action.

The Vietnam war brought out the worst in cops — and in the Ohio National Guard (Kent State). It would seem that the children of the pigs of the Vietnam era are continuing the legacy of working for the corrupt 1%.

Second update:

Women prisoners in Iraq – Tortured, raped, beaten. My question is did the US Military with the help of US Psychologists invent this treatment of women just for Iraq or did the US Military draw on long standing Patriarchal treatment of women prisoners in US Prisons. Or we can go back even further to the Witch Trials during the dark ages and the millions of women who were burned at the stake. Or we can consult that mighty Holy Bible — Old Testament on God’s directives to the Israelites and the treatment of female virgin POWs (hint — treatment involves rape).

So if what we are really seeing is a war on the 99% by the 1% and that the police are agents of the 1% then the sexual assaults by cops is just normal historical behavior.


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