Word Games & spying

Empthywheel.com’s Marci Wheeler can see through the Government’s word game like no one else.

In her newest post she looks at how the spooks twist and turn two words — “derived from”.

But the really pathetic part of the response comes in the passage where they try to explain why they didn’t give Mohamud timely review.

The problem was not bad faith, they argue (and they’d like the judge to just ignore the other late notice they gave Mohamud in this case). No, not at all.

Rather, it derived from confusion over the meaning of “derived from.”

You see, DOJ has always known that it must notify defendants when they plan to use information “derived from” Title VII (that is, Section 702) collection.

NSA and other spy agencies collect tons of data on everyone — just because they can.

One other point I want to make is that the NSA spying is worse — far worse than many people realize. The NSA is the US military spying, peeking, poking into the privacy of CIVILIANS — and elected people who are supposed to oversee the military. Is the US really a military dictatorship? Some days I feel like I’m still living on base — where the CO is god — and the constitution does not exist. In this case the CO is the Commander in Chief — who seems be be controlled by the military. I mean that’s not the way it is supposed to be — but that is certainly how the chain of command seems to be going — from the military to Lord 0bama. Or it could be a guy — Lord 0bama — being from the military controlled state of Hawaii was groomed by the military shadow government to be Lord 0bama who will live like a Lord of the dark ages once he gets done with the white house gig.


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