Why? more money on spying on everyone?

Police State R USA

This time the Spy agency is Homeland inSecurity. WHY are our tax dollars being spent like — oh drunken sailors or fools who have won the lottery????

Homeland inSecurity plans to hire a PRIVATE firm — bids are out so this monster is out of the gate already — to have care license plate ALL over the USA. The plan is for this bid winner to get two photos — one close up of the license plate and other of the occupants is the car.

I’m betting that the clowns and idiots at Homeland inSecurity came up with the idea first and then decided on the reasons — to track, tag and gather illegal immigrants (for the private prisons so that the guards have more inmates to rape). Do a google search like I did and prepare to be shocked at what happens in the private prisons — many of these private prisons have contracts with state, county and the feds to keep the private prisons filled.

Oh the other reason the Homeland inSecurity came up with — to track stolen cars are and other such made up stuff. Which means the more then likely a whole lot of innocent tax paying citizens are going to get caught up in this drag net.

There is that no fly list which apparently no one can get taken off of — once someone checks a box — you are it. So does this now mean that there is going to be a no drive or go anywhere ever — or you will get tagged and picked up by the local trigger happy cops or will this mean the Homeland inSecurity will need a new “enforcement” TSA for drivers?

If this were the plot of a SciFi novel or a spin off of Orwell’s 1984 — we just know how this is going to end and it will not be pretty or democratic. Orwell’s book was in part a story have deeply invasive government spying changed behavior and relationships. Spying on everyone leads to a deep distrust of the Government — Big Brother.

All Homeland inSecurity really needs to do is put up a bill board with eyes — apparently just seeing eyes painted on a wall or bill board makes people change their behavior.

This constant need of the government to have its nose in our business — all our business will change and modify behavior. We already do not trust the USG or the spies — we do not like to be spied on 24/7.

update # 1

Techdirt.com covered this story offering far more details — plus the comments are well worth your time to read.


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