Wednesday 27 Feb – eyes taped

Perhaps the corporate media isn’t screaming about this story — but the tech media is covering the story about how the spooks in the UK/GCHQ and USA/NSA have been spying on people using a Yahoo webcam service.

The Guardian online news source has

 reveal(ed) one the most egregious privacy invasions committed by a democratic power, ensnaring millions of Yahoo Messenger users through the watchful eye of their own governments.

This little bit of news showed up on Monday — and still corporate media isn’t reporting about the psychological manipulation by the US and UK:

GCH/NSA use the Internet to “Manipulate, deceive and destroy Reputations.

Who the bloody hell are the terrorists?

The comments on the tech blogs — for example — have some very insightful comments about the UK’s spying and taking — random snap shots, of millions web photos from that little camera which is now found on so damned many devices we use daily. It is estimated that from 11 to 17% of the web camera traffic has to do with the little naughty bits (that’s the UK version ) in the US we call the NSA/UK spying — perverted peeking toms. So where is the largest collection of child — live action porn??? All bets are now on the data banks of the UK and US NSA etc. have the largest collection of child porn.

Who the bloody hell are the terrorists?

One of the very big reasons why I did NOT vote for 0bama was that he was using Psyops in his 2008 campaign. I’m not the only one who noticed the heavy use of cult like tricks to create the “true believers”. 0bama was using every trick in the book. I suspected that his staff was and are experts at psychological manipulation — and he likes and knows exactly what the NSA has been doing. My bet was that he has a master manipulator as an adviser. The clues are in the comments of Glenn Greenwald’s article on Monday.

Cass Sunstein 

Cass Sunstein

Google Cass Sunstein and Obama.

Cutting food stamps and unemployment checks — yet spending billions of dollars to spy on naughty bits. Perverts of the NSA. Why aren’t these guys in jail?

Oh — the headline — using tape to cover the spying webcams. Artist’s white tape works quite well — it can be removed and replaced quite nicely. Amazing what we must learn to avoid Orwell’s 1984 and BIG BROTHER watching our every move.

With the psyops being used by NSA — they are trying to train hacks and con men how to terrorize the whole damned world.

Who the hell are the real terrorists — NSA > TSA >


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