Who is Ann Coulter?

Ann Coulter’s caustic remarks are making headlines again — could it be that she has another book to sell?

Coulter is a woman hating woman who has been around for awhile — generally wearing her “uniform” of the simple short, tight, black dress with plunging neckline and long long blond hair. Few who follow politics don’t know the hater from New York. If her name is in the news — we automatically think that she has insulted another famous person or group on the GOP’s list of hate targets. She’s been fired twice from MSNBC for insulting a newly deceased individual and then 9/11 widows.

All families seem to have at least one individual who will do anything to get attention. From the GOP side of the family each day we are treated to a new display of attention getting behavior on the local, state and National levels. The male infant terribles generally make their usual foot in mouth remarks showing their absolute ignorance 50% of the population (women) and the poor in general.

Ann Coulter is in a class of her own — she knows exactly how to use words to get the maximum press coverage making good use of sound bites and the shock value of those words. Rawstory.com headline “Ann Coulter likens U.S. demographic shifts to ‘being raped,’ blames Democrat.” (11 March 2014)

A day or two earlier in a remark which seems to demonstrate the she might be jealous of the dumb a$$ GOP males and their knack for sexist sound bites — had to join the sex is prohibited if you are poor mantra. Of course that remark was directed at women in general who have the nerve to believe that birth control should be covered by health plans.

According to several online news sources she was quoted as saying, it is “cruel for rich people not to shame poor people for having too much sex.” Now wait a minute I’m not going to let that remark go without a snark.

Begin Snark– Since Ann Coulter thinks rich people should shame poor people for sex — in line with what the clueless male GOP are saying — does this mean that Ms. Coulter is herself a virgin and that she is saving herself for that one very special man who will dominate her in all ways? Sort of like the fundamentalist ministers are telling their congregations — women must be submissive. Mixed messages coming from Coulter — and if we were to peek in her secret closet what would we find? End Snark.

Coulter on the surface appears to be a strong self assured – professional woman. Yet the way she dresses and what she says tells many of us that she needs and wants the approval of important “others”. She cares not one bit about other as in “we the people”.  She is a white female Obama – instead of the race card — she plays the gender card. There are a lot of women who are playing the same game as Coulter – but she manages to get more attention. Why?

Way back in the early part of the last decade I was watching TV with the sound off and looked up to see that the late night talk shows had begun. Bill Maher was doing circle interview style show and there was one woman – tall, skinny with long blond hair and wearing a basic black dress – sleeveless. She worn little make up and apparently no jewelry either. I turned on the sound and listened for 5 minutes before muting the sound again. As I had guessed she was representing an organization (GOP) – and pulling one of the great cons of our time.

A quick look at biography.com gives us these Ann Hart Coulter highlights:

Born in New York City on December 8, 1961, Ann Coulter worked as a lawyer for the Senate Judiciary Committee before appearing on MSNBC as a legal consultant in 1996. She was dismissed twice from that network. Coulter’s brand of insult commentary has earned her a unique, conservative fan base. She has made frequent guest appearances on various television and radio talk shows and authored six books (listed on the web bio).

So she was on the Bill Maher show probably promoting one of her books. I’ve not bothered to read any of her books. From time to time friends have forwarded her columns. For a lawyer she sure goes out of her way to misquote other authors – according to the folks who have suffered her efforts to fill her books with words.

Coulter gets media attention by insulting people:

Coulter periodically triggers a firestorm of controversy with her writings and appearances. She slammed four activist widows of 9/11 victims, known as “The Jersey Girls,” after they endorsed John Kerry for president in 2004, writing, “I’ve never seen people enjoying their husbands’ deaths so much.”


 When we think Coulter has hit rock bottom with her insults — she finds a way to go even lower. But she gets rewarded with the attention that she seems to crave. AGM = Attention Getting Mechanism  = shrink talk. She must have a hard core fan base – because she keeps finding the platform to spew her special brand of hate. I wonder why she has chosen immigrants and Latinos as a target this time — seeing that there is speculation that the Koch brothers are planning to spend millions to woo the Latino/immigrant vote.

Now I’ve gone and broken my own rule about giving media whores attention. Damn.



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