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Koch bros

Here’s a headline that should make the average American wonder just who owns the Politicians — doesn’t matter the party.

Koch Brothers Are The Largest Land Owners Of Canada’s Tar Sands

Now with all the news about the Keystone pipeline and the vast pollution mess that is already happening up north in Canada it turns out that some stinking rich dudes down in the States are the major land owners. These are the same guys who own most of the GOP party (probably the Dems as well). These Bible thumping, self righteous, wing nut jerks who really don’t give a damn that they are doing damage to the earth that their kids will inherit. Oh excuse me — they are amassing billions of dollars but yet they apparently believe the world is going to end and that they will be saved. Apparently the Koch brothers and the rest of the money changers in the temples didn’t read that part of the New Testament where Christ threw the money changers out of the temples. So this Jesus Christ from the Christian’s Bible is supposed to return and “save” the Koch brothers?

By their logic it does not matter what they do to the earth because there will be no future generations anyway? Yet they are stuffing billions away — for what? Just in case they need to buy their way into heaven? Will their money even buy a place in their mythological heaven?

/end rant







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