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Ocean garbage slows search for missing jet

As the days go by the world is learning what oceanographer have been telling us for decades – that the oceans are filled with garbage. Sailors who have done the Vic Maui sailboat race have told me about the Pacific dead zone which is an area of the north Pacific ocean that is frequently windless. On the maps/charts of this part of Pacific this looks like a large circle. Junk collects and the oxygen level is low.

It seems as if the roaring 40s of the southern latitudes has a similar area which collects junk. The satellite photos which the news outlets reported are finding rubbish from fishing boats

Great Pacific Garbage vortex. The same article shows the great Indian Ocean garbage vortex – which also happens to be where flight 370 might have ended.

These huge garbage vortices are the result of human impact – using the world’s oceans as dumping grounds plus global warming and the warming oceans which in turn influence storms and ocean currents. There is a whole field of research dealing with the massive currents that circle the globe. The heating of oceans could stop or stall or redirect the current. A decade or so ago a load of rubber ducks fell off of a cargo ship. These rubber ducks have shown up on beaches all over the world. And rubber ducks were carried along by surface currents. There are deep sea currents which are more challenging to study – but there are scientists up to the challenge.


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