Hate crimes or taking hate to an extreme

Another mass killing by someone who is a known hater. Where? Was it the one somewhere in the Middle East – like Israel, Syria – the usual places – or at a school? Well what about one of those Moslems? They are the other, the bad guys unless this is the week that Obama is going to make one of his grand standing “speeches”.

This time the killing rage happened in Kansas and from what I’ve read this guy – Frazier Glenn Miller – is a garden variety racist. A racist who has been spewing his hate speech for a very long time. Either the guy is ancient or his hatred has rotted him from the inside out because he is a very ugly person. The racial/religious group he hates enough to go out and kill this time was Jews. Basically the creep hates most everyone. He is a former KKK and when that group didn’t fuel his hatred of the other – he went off forming his very own terrorist cell.

Being a woman I pretty much know what it is like to be hated for my gender – so I have empathy for others who are targets of haters. Since Miller is most obviously of the white race and male – perhaps someone needs to tell him that he is basically an invader of a landmass once fully inhabited by Native Americans. Some invaders became a true part of this new world and others like this Miller guy just kept trying to turn America into a warped reality where everyone is a hater like he is. I bring American history of genocide or ethnic cleansing because of the salute to Hitler that Miller made after his killing spree. Hitler according to that book Hitler wrote said he got the idea for dealing with his Jewish by reading how the Americans managed to drastically reduce the Indian population.

According to statistics the Right wing haters are more dangerous (meaning the wingers kill more people) than the Moslems or Muslims. (I’ve seen both spellings). I’ve just seen the number not the sources for the totals. When are the crimes of the extreme Right wing haters going to be classified as terrorism rather than hate crimes?

Miller is a hater but I’ve seen nothing that makes me believe that he is mentally ill like the Tucson mass murder or that mentally ill guy who shot up a movie theater in Colorado or the guy in Sandy Hook. Those mass killers had the text book symptoms and have been identified by mental health professionals as suffering from schizophrenia. I’ll leave the in-depth analysis to the experts.


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