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Flags at half staff in WA state?

For some unknown reason many of the flags in the rural area where I live were at half staff. I did several internet searches and checked the major news outlets in the state for deaths.

More bodies have been identified in that horrible land slide north of Seattle – the total is over 40. Perhaps that was the reason? As far as I could see from my research no “important” or famous person had died. Chicago had a bloody weekend – 45 deaths. But that’s Chicago. Sad to say – really.

An inmate in one of the third world Southern States starved to death.
Inmate Starved To Death In U.S. Prison – http://huff.to/1jwcPKe

The details of the man’s death are grim. There were mental health issues and the people hired to provide medical care mostly didn’t give a damn. Oh well one more death in the 21st century of prohibition – the war on drugs. At least it wasn’t one of the Wall Street con men who stole Billions from we the people –  no forget that those guys are too rich and powerful to go to jail. The man did drink some tea – that counts as a meal according to the medical folks in third world Southern USA.

I’m at a loss about why the flags were at half staff. No one we asked even noticed.


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