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Game of Thrones

Nope do not watch misogynistic garbage.

I did watch the  two minute condensed version of the thing on Huff Po. It seems to me if the female actresses are fully nude then the males should also be full frontal nude. Just saying.

The this year Huff Po (Huffington Post) made a short film clip of all the different horrific and bloody ways people are killed on this barbaric waste of everything.

Really – what more is there – lots of nude females and lots of blood and guts?

There is enough hateful movies and TV. At least there are enough reviews out there that no one should be shocked at the vile imagination of the author.

We have a rape culture and it is so bad that most women and girls who are abused, touched etc don’t recognize that being groped by boys and men is not OK. It is not in the nature of all males to attempt to sexually manhandled every female the get close to. This myth is really insulting to all men. One male writer at the Guardian UK online news source made it very that this is not typical behavior – lack of impulse control and all that.

How is it that in the 21st century the U.S. is still a rape culture. A dumb ass actor and director from the Game of Thrones have no idea what rape is. No wonder there are thousands of rape kits sitting in police storage that have never been tested.

No links (I added two for anyone who has no idea what I ranting on about) – Google ‘Think Progress’ for the recent research on lack of awareness of girls and women about sexual harassment etc. Game of thrones is being discussed all over the ‘net – mostly with the boys having incomprehension of what rape is.





Update – more male pornography rape fantasies in this weeks rape series – or what the shell is wrong with the by/for/about males only entertainment industry. Discussion about the ongoing rapes just because the idiot director and writer must really hate all women. Apparently the dirty old frat who wrote this trash claims to be a feminist. No sir – no way – you, sir, are the definition of a misogynist pig.



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