Two books on Economics by Matt Taibbi and Senator Warren

If you have any interest in the Con men on Wall Street who stole Billions then Matt Taibbi’s newest book is a must read. American Injustice in the age of the wage Gap starts at the end of the Bush/Cheney administration and plows right through the reign of Lord Obama and his side kick U.S. Attorney General Holder.

First though Taibbi introduces us to the little people. In NYC the stop and frisk was designed control crime at a time when crime was going down. We know from reading the news that the target of the cop was people of color. Taibbi introduces us to some of the real people where were the targets of the cops. Evidently the cops has quotas to fill. So there were undercover cops out on the streets telling the jail vans where the targets were located. People who had been tagged could hear the cop radio chatter about needing one or four more to make their load for the night. Cops didn’t care that their targets heard and knew what the real game was.

Taibbi sets the stage – the little guy, the ones who don’t count unless a warm body is needed for the white van and the the Wall Street cons who looted the American people as well as people from around the world. Attorney General Holder was a corporate lawyer and he has so much sympathy for all the suffering of the .001 percent Con men of Wall Street. That part of the book needs to be read a couple of times. You will come away with very little respect for Mr. Holder.

Right now I am just over half way through Taibbi’s book. He takes his readers through the long and convoluted path of the Lehman Brother’s bankruptcy and the role played by Barclays Bank. This part reads like a mystery. What happened to Five Billion dollars? Yes 5 Billion dollars. The answer might shock you – or maybe not. After all Taibbi is writing about con men – what’s a few Billion to creeps like that?

Senator Elizabeth Warren’s book, A Fighting Chance, just showed up on my Kindle. I just read the long article about Senator Warren, by Charles Pierce of Esquire Magazine. I know that she does mention the Cherokee vicious reaction to her because she is part Cherokee. To the snooty Cherokee – there are a whole lot of us who have Native American ancestors. I’d guess that there are millions out here – and just because some of you jerks put on airs – fact is that a lot of Native Americans did pass as “French” in order to escape the extreme racial prejudice of the last few centuries. Anyway I for one am glad she mentioned this part of her political campaign. Senator Brown tried to sink her campaign – ha she had the last laugh.

Senator Professor Warren is also a teacher so I looking forward to her review of the Wall Street Con men.

More on both of these books very soon.

Update – news item about the two different Justice systems which Taibbi’s book describes.

A cop who appears to be lying his ass off and who makes the few decent cops left in the U.S. look bad, shoots a non Wall Street guy in the face and then makes up a story. For you CSI fans there is no evidence that the victim had a gun – but the victim was convicted. Now the dumb jerks in New Jersey are going to pay to keep a blind man in jail. Justice is blind? Of all the bad cop stories in the news lately this one goes to the top of the list. Police departments need to be forced to kick racist and sexist cops out – fire all the rotten apples, starting at the top and on down the line.

It is expensive to keep people locked up in jail – it is a simple matter of economics. Plus prisons are being used to warehouse those with serious mental illnesses.


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