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In Washington D.C. speak the truth get in trouble

Secretary of State Kerry spoke truthfully about Israel maybe at some point in the future sort of fall into a – apartheid Nation.


Well as expected the usual suspects who help funnel billions to Israel loudly denied the weak truth that Kerry was making. No ethnic group should suffer collective punishment for the actions of a few.

The actions of the Israeli Government is fact. Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel, by Max Blumenthal is about the recent history. One of these days (probably not in our life time) the Palestinians and Israeli people are going to have to find a way to get along.

Anyone remember the Star Trek episode from the original series?  The Enterprise rescued two survivors from a warring Planet – they were the last of both their races and both were bell bent to kill the other. There was little difference between the two males. One had  half black face/half white face. The other had a half white face/half black face. The two never did make peace as the last of their kind. Both escaped in their tiny ships to continue the battle.

For all the Christian conservatives who defend and make excuses for the Nation of Israel – you do realize that the ultra conservative Jews hate -HATE – non ultra conservative Jews.

The University I attended was a magnet for foreign students. There were many Jews and other ethnic and cultures from the Middle East on campus and in most of my classes, especially political science classes. A friend of mine introduced me to one of the ultra conservative orthodox Jews. She was also Jewish – her parents survived the Nazi concentration camps and she was the replacement child for the brother killed by the Nazis. She told me that  the ultra orthodox Jew she introduced me to really hated me – because I was female and not Jewish. She had been to a meeting of Jewish students and heard him spewing hatred about American women and non orthodox Jews. She wanted to see what his response to me would be. Very sneaky of her, but she wanted to teach me something and she also wanted to read his body language. Psychology majors are strange that way. We were used to being subjects of classmates’ experiments.

Reading Blumenthal’s book brought back memories of the racial hatred of both sides of the Israeli and Palestinian conflict that I observed during my University years. Fundamentalists of any religion don’t want peace and they are unable to tolerate any group who happens to be different.

Through the years I’ve known many people who happened to be ethically Jewish, for what ever reason none were particularly religious. They were all proud of their heritage. None of these friends wanted to raise their children in Israel. I didn’t ask them why, but after knowing their opinions of racism and sexism in the U.S. the reason why they remain in the U.S. is clear.

When one has a mental illness the first step is to recognise that they are ill. Racism is learned. But it can be unlearned. There is a long history of animosity between ethnic groups – we all know that the Palestinians hate the Israelis. But this isn’t the only racial war – these ethnic cleansing wars are occurring worldwide.

It is stupid for the U.S. Government to take sides, especially to the extreme of arming one side over the other as has happened in the Israeli – Palestinian conflict. But then I’m a Pacifist.


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