Game of Thrones discussion

The male directors and male writers of the HBO series named after the books have created a male fantasy world. This was my impression of the series after watching the review of pornography clips that Huffington Post posted on its website. The one scene which sent the message loud and clear was the one where one actress (completely nude) was in a very large room filled with dozens of fully clothed male actors. That pattern of naked female(s) fully clothed males in all scenes. No male nudes – no male full frontal nudes.

Why waste my time watching a male pornography fantasy? A balanced TV series that is supposedly produced to be watched by both male, female and gay etc. Should have a bit of fantasy for all.

We live in a rape culture – most rapist get away, are never caught. If they are caught the victim is most often blamed and become a victim all over again. Any female who has been a victim of sexual abuse will likely be adversely affected by the violence of this male pornography fantasy called Game of Thrones.

Over at Shakesville you will find a carefully reasoned argument as to exactly why Game Thrones the TV series – SUCKS and is offensive to survivors of rape and sexual abuse. This TV series also has been found to be offensive to people who study the historical era from which the author of the Game of Throne books has borrowed. Why do we have a rape culture – and why are rapist allowed to continue their crimes?


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