Kent State 44 Years

Many of us who were in college 44 years ago remember that time – when war was declared on unarmed college students. It seems that the government has declared another war on college students. This current generation of college students and graduates had to borrow tens of thousands of dollars and now are deeply in debt. (I am trying to show that as much as times change – in reality not much really changes.)

Here is a look back at the murders of unarmed college students by the Ohio state National Guard. I remember the hateful bumper stickers on many cars of the fascist loyal Raygun supporters asking why more students weren’t shot. The aim of the government propaganda specialists was probably to divide and conquer. Divide and conquer has a long history – because it works.

My dad was career military. He joined the Navy right after Pearl Harbor. He retired after a tour of duty aboard an aircraft carrier off of the coast of Vietnam. He returned home with the opinion that the highest ranking officers were lying about what was happening on the ground. My dad was a Conservative Republican. So for him to hold this opinion told me that this was a war the U.S. should not be fighting. Many of the guys who were “in country” in Vietnam were able to go to college thanks to the GI Bill. If any of those eye witnesses returned supporting the war – I don’t know where they attended college. “War is a racket, it always has been.”  According to Major General Smedley Butler.

We were conned into that war with Vietnam. GW Bush and Rick Cheney conned the U.S. into both the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. Those wars were fought by “volunteers” and not draftees.

Has any good come from wars? The exception to all wars are bad is usually WWII – except that war was the result of bad leadership and decisions going back to WWI. Those wars will probably be known in the future as World War Part One and Part Two.

44 years ago on May 4th – College Students were the enemy. That is what most of us felt. In the following months Governor Raygun had is cops go on rampages against college students – many of whom were former enlisted military having done their time in Vietnam.

You know something? Divide and conquer is still being used by the government. Young against old – check. GOP against DEMS – check. And so on. Mass communication makes hating others so easy. Group think and mobs. As for me I still want to see the murdering National Guards who murdered unarmed college students to go to jail. But there is never justice when the government does the murdering. At least Nixon was impeached!

Personally I believe that the vast majority of student debt should be forgiven and that college should be inexpensive. Junior colleges and Trade schools should be free. If the U.S. Government can give Billions to Wall Street gamblers, crooks and con men – then we have he money to invest in the next generations. I agree with Senator Elizabeth Warren.


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