Obama is Nixon

Today a woman who was sexually abused by a pig cop in NYC was found guilty of reflexively striking back at him. We should consider the place NYC and the big cops working for the Wall Street con men. It is now well known that Obama is owned by Wall Street – he is their hitch. One day when historians research the links between Homeland InSecurity and law enforcement (pig cops) and the Occupy Wall Street movement they will find direct involvement.

During the Occupy Wall Street event we saw thousands of photos and video of cops gone wild which is exactly what happened 44 years ago. Nixon was a cheerleader of cops beating up and killing anti-war protesters – exactly how Obama is protecting his Wall Street johns.

Apparently when ones lives long enough we get to see history repeating itself. Humans never learn they keep electing near assistive thugs. There are two different laws one for us – the 99% and the other law for the 1%. The Wall Street con men were given Billions of our tax dollars. And a lone woman who is sexually assaulted by a pig cop is found guilty of assault.

If any verdict represents that the liars of the world rule – it is this sexist verdict.

More photos plus eye witness accounts. For those of you who voted for the fascist Obama – the Federal Government was in charge of the kangaroo court that convicted McMillian. Obama is where the buck stops – on his desk.

There is no difference between Nixon and Obama, they are birds of a feather. The fact that cops were deliberately grabbing women’s breasts (caught on camera in many different locations) sure seems like a planned joint action to cause violence. There were just far too many cops going behind women and grabbing and squeeze their breasts to make this a unique event. What we are seeing is passive aggressive leadership by Obama. The fact that this trial even happened shows me just how deeply Obama was involved. One more reason I am an Independent.

Fascism has arrived those jurors in that kangaroo court of law are fascist devotees of the police state. I was going write – “when fascism arrives” but sadly I like most Americans was in denial. So I choose this day and this moment to acknowledge the reality of the police state. Cops murder innocent people on a nearly daily basis. Cops lie, cops rape, cops beat innocent people and then lie. Even if there is video of the crime by the cops the cops get away with being the biggest organized gang in America today. There might be a few honest cops – but as long as all cops cover for their cop brother’s then they are all guilt. They are accessories to murder.

Update – for a lively discussion on the kangaroo court in NYC go here

Jon Stewart also makes the guilty verdict and the Wall Street con men.

And I thought I was being original by calling the justice system in NYC a kangaroo court – here’s another one about the warped injustice of NYC.

In Saudi Arabia and other backward countries women who are sexually assaulted are put in jail and tortured. Seems like the U.S. is no different than any other fascist patriarchal country. WENDY Davis of Colorado has links relating to the perversion of justice. As a reminder for us all the cops in Albuquerque have killed again. The citizens of Albuquerque took over a council meeting and requested that the police chief and mayor be fired.

Matt Tabbai’s book as well as Senator Elizabeth Warren’s book detail how there are two justice systems. One for us and one for the 1% Wall Street crooks. The other book about how deeply Obama has sold himself is – All the President’s Bankers by Nomi Prins. The divide and conquer guys are in full force – turning the 99% against each other.

We can vote and remember what they are doing. I remember what Nixon did and Raygun did and now when I see a lying Obama pull the same tricks I must speak out against the injustice of the thieves he is working for. There is fundamentally no difference between any of the presidents – regardless of party. That is the reality of the world we live in.

We can vote. I think?

Indefinite Detention – military indefinite detention. More evidence that Obama is knowingly forcing the U.S. further down the fascist road. Obama has done things that Nixon wouldn’t have dared doing. This is one more example.


Meanwhile in Russia Putin is in competition with Obama – bloggers with more than 3000 hits per day must register. Perhaps making it easier for bloggers to be arrested when they write something about Putin’s need to show off his man boobs.

Note – about a year ago I wrote this article about how strongly Obama reminds me of Nixon and Raygun –


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