Rape kits go untested


There have been a lot of stories about the male dominated police force and justice system warehousing thousands of rape kits. The victims tell a common story how they are treated like a criminal, like they are guilty of making up being raped.

The problem is that by not testing the rape kits for DNA the serial rapists will keep raping for years if not decades until they are jailed for an unrelated crime or caught in the act – and even then the mostly male prosecutors let some go without bothering on a trial. But then we learned this week that sexual assault by cop means that the victim of the assault by cop goes to jail. Once in the prison culture a high percentage of female inmates are sexually assaulted. Do the Google – you will be shock when you read the research on prison rapes.

There are a lot of serial rapist – and they account for most rapes. So the good news is that the vast majority of males are not rapists – the bad news is that when we are out alone at night we don’t know who the bad guys are. Even the cops could be the bad guys. War on women?


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