Obama no different from Bush

Nope – I’m not saying this but good ole Keith Alexander says this in an interview with a Australian Right winger regarding the support and free reign that Obama gave the NSA. His comments were regarding the very “special” work done by the NSA.

Alexander : “. . . you get almost the same decision from both of them [GW Bush and Obama] on key questions.”

Greenwald writes (from the link above) – the almost complete continuity between GW Bush and Obama on a vast array of policy issues “has been explained by far too many senior officials in both parties.” Read the article, Greenwald supplies numerous links to support his statement.

What I found when I did a personality profile on Candidate Obama is that he was not an original thinker. He is incapable of being an Innovator. He can only copy others. He isn’t that smart – creative smarts. He is smart enough to know which asses to kiss in order to get to the White House. GW Bush is very much the same sort of guy who has political smarts – but once get got the keys to the White House he went on vacation after vacation.

Greenwald goes on to remark that although Candidate Obama claimed to be the candidate of change – the reality is President Obama is just a rerun of GW Bush. Obama owns all the bad stuff that happens during his reign – stuff he could have changed if he really was the “change” guy he claimed to be.

Obama owns the lawless con men on Wall Street – or they own him because he refused to make a difference. He hired Holder who has done nothing – except make a recent speech about not to big to fail – blah blah.

Obama owns the out of control cops killing civilians. His Homeland InSecurity has been rushing to arm cops to the teeth and increasing the militarization of local police cop shops. He has taken zero leadership as cops use the war on drugs to SWAT homes of innocent families. The Holder justice department also owns every death due to police violence – nothing is done cops in 99.99% of the cases are not held accountable. Cops pull innocent people over and steal their money.

Obama owns the out of control FBI, CIA, NSA etc. The abuses of power which can be read on an almost daily bases are owned by Obama.

Obama “the Constitutional lawyer” working hard to weaken the Constitution.

More on boob grabbing cops. Remember that there is no difference between GW Bush and Obama and Nixon.  I’m going back further in time to the mass wire tapping king than Nixon. During the Nixon era he was a cheer leader for the steel workers and laborers who beat anti war protesters in NYC. That was another era of divide and conquer. Back there there were no reports of cops grabbing women’s boobs. But that was also an era when the cops were out of control. At one anti war rally at San Jose State, Nixon and Raygun both show up to deliberately get a reaction from the audience. The cops were ready and eager to beat up anyone they could hit with their bully clubs. Cameras were broken and destroyed by the cops.

Returning to the kangaroo court in NYC and the 12 stupid, dumb jurors well now 9 of the 12 sort of think they got used. What a bunch of irresponsible jackasses. The judge was a tool the prosecutor is one of the biggest liars ever – she’s a fine Holder groupie. Here is another link to the rampant sexual assault of women at peaceful by cops – and the cops get away with being sexual perverts.

I’m glad we have Glenn Greenwald, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Matt Taibbi etc on our side. One of these day I’m going to make a list of the good guys. The U.S. Government is doing its worst to keep we the people submissive and ignorant – using the corporate media propaganda machine. Who will win – the greedy or those who believe that Gandhi was right? Peaceful resistance to the Authoritarianism leadership is the only path of those of us who believe in truth and honesty. It’s been two generations since Nixon lied his way into the Presidency. He never did end the war.

Not much has change since the Nixon days. Obama has made a political prisoner out of the Pacifist Cecily McMillan. Obama chose on the side of the Wall Street Crooks and the 1%. Obama has always been in it for the money – he won the ultimate lottery. So sad. He could of been so much more.

Paul Craig Roberts hits some of the same points I’ve been making in his article: Call through Cops at your own peril. It is really dangerous to have any encounter with cops. In Texas cops shot a 92 year old woman five (5) times. Reasons were not given. Apparently the cops need to meet to come up with a unified story for the murder of a 92 year old woman. If you know a woman in her 90s then you know that the Texas killer cops are yet again lying their asses off. This stuff happened under Bush and Obama. Yet neither Authoritarian/fascist President has used their office to curb the excessive violence against citizens by the cops. Rarely do cops face any real discipline or jail time for crimes against we the people.


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