Mrs. Obama – mom & private citizen

Mrs. Obama holding a sign asking for the return of the kidnapped school girls is her show of solidarity with mothers of the world. The warped patriarchal fanatics in Nigeria, Africa have been murdering, raping and kidnapping for a long time. It is about time that the world is made aware of the use of young female human beings as war trophies.

Mrs. Obama can truly put herself in the shoes of the parents of the missing school girls. Her response is showing heartfelt empathy. She wasn’t elected to any office, although she benefits from her husband’s position. Really does this matter? First and foremost she has made it clear that she is a mom – she has whole staff and PR firm to take care of the first Lady stuff. But I really believe that holding the hand lettered sign asking for the return of the school girls was from her heart – a mom’s heart. She loves her daughters and she is well aware that this world isn’t a safe place for girls.

Good for Mrs. Obama to take a stand on this issue. Hopefully she will now do more than hold a sign. Sexual abuse, kidnapping and other atrocities against women is a world wide epidemic. Thank you Mrs. Obama for you concern. It really is a big deal for her to make this personal mom to mom statement.

In a related article by Dr. Nafreeze published in the Guardian, “Behind the rise of Nigeria Boko Harum, climate disaster and peak oil depletion.” We learn that not all of Nigeria has benefited from the oil money. Also climate change and global warming has driven a huge migration of people in need of work to seek relief in rich Nigeria. People in neighbouring countries find their way to Nigeria – whose people seem very well off to the refugees. The refugees easily hook up with a messianic leader who seems to have all the answers. So now this messianic cult leaders has followers who he needs to keep on his side. Messianic cult leaders are a common occurrence throughout history. This cult leader has been behind attacks of outlying villages for quite awhile now. Thousands have been murdered and hundreds of girls have been kidnapped by these gangs.

Messianic cult leaders need attention and we are told by those who have made a career of following the politics and people of Africa – that all this attention that the Boko Haram are getting is exactly what their Cult leader wants.

Meanwhile back in the USA the political posturing for the race for the White House has begun with GOP Senator Marco Rubino going full out as the leader of climate denier politics. He denies the overwhelmingly science which has shown the link between human activity and climate change. Rubino says he is ready to be President and he wants to end Obama’s “war on coal”. Oh my, we can guess where chubby cheeks Rubino plans to get a huge chunk of his campaign funds?

Nigeria is being invaded by gangs from other countries who have been driven from their farms due to climate change and the deserts that have over run their farms. It is a huge cycle – Nigeria’s leaders and a few others are getting wealthy from petroleum dollars. The oil is being burned which adds carbon to the atmosphere and warms parts of the world which changes weather patterns in Africa. People are forced from their homes – there is no way too make a living. 60% of the population who used to be involved in farming have migrated out of the country. They head off to someplace they have heard about – with bread and honey and women. The majority of the migrants are male and we know that these patriarchal males need to put the women folk in their place. The cult leader knows his followers and how to keep them faithful – wives and sex slaves. This has been the established pattern for years now. Kidnapped girls have been released. The Christian girls are designated as sex slaves and the Muslim girls are sold as “wives”.

The problem is that no matter what is done the climatic conditions and the huge migrant population of poor people will find another messianic cult leader. Whack a mole – that’s what will happen long into the future. Take out one messianic cult leader and the next guy is waiting to take on the role. Then use the spoils of the cult leader’s gangs to gain more followers. One of the problems with parasites like the Boko Haram is that eventually they will kill the host. Already there are predictions that Nigeria will be hit with massive famines – because the attacking gangs are interfering with the farmers of Nigeria because of the constant attacks and fear of attacks by the roving gangs.

The kidnapped girls are the symptom of a bigger problem. But I do hope that Mrs. Obama can somehow help these girls. The hell these children are going through is horrific to even imagine.


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