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War on drugs is war on all of us

Nearly everyday there are stories of drug busts gone wrong. Wrong house is broken into, wrong person is targeted by an informant using a “get out of jail” card. Any of us could become a target of the militarized police hit squad. You personally may need era have smoked pot or whatever the current recreational drug happens to be.

One of the worst cases of murder by cops during a war on drugs bust is this one. The cops set up a sting and then grabbed the “target”, pepper sprayed him in the face, sat on him refusing to allow him to catch his breath and then they stuck a sharp object down his throat. There never was a bag of drugs in this young man’s throat or mouth. Yet he was murdered by the cops. These drug busts gone wrong almost read like mobs of the righteous in a killing frenzy – exchange a few words and we are back in the Times of the Spanish Inquisition.

In the same article another murder by cops during a messianic drug raid is the one about the woman in her 90s shot over 30 times by cops who had the wrong address, and then the official lies began. The cops hid pot in her basement to frame an old lady. Brave cops!

Even if you obey state law and use marijuana on doctors orders – the messianic feds could bust you on drug charges. The Feds now rob state legal medical marijuana shops. The Fed cops steal the pot and money and run away with the loot. This almost reads like a plot for a B comedy movie – with the cops played by rejects from the movie – dumb and dumber.

Here’s an eye witnesses account of out of control, lying cops in 1981.

Didn’t this country learn anything during the prohibition era of the 1920s and 1930s? No I guess not. Because we the people are paying for the stupidity of the current prohibition era. We are paying for that kid who had a baggie of pot and is now serving time for that crime. Yet the guys who help supply the drug pipeline get to run their drug profits through the too big to fail banks.

Colorado just earned 4 million in taxes on marijuana sales! Good for Colorado! My own state will be following Colorado. We already have approved medical marijuana – and the feds have been robbing those shops. I wonder if the Fed SWAT teams will rob the pot shops? Time will tell.

There is a certain mythology about those of us who grew up in the 60s and 70s – that we were all into drugs. Sorry I never even tried any marijuana or any other drug. Mostly because I tend to be allergic to everything and if I don’t know the source of anything I eat – no thank you – not interested. I don’t smoke because I’m allergic to smoke. But I was just never interested. But for individuals who were into experimenting – why not just legalize drugs and control the source and distribution?

As a non drug user I do not understand the need to do drugs. In Europe when I spent a summer there in the 1970s I watched kids who had smoked pot (they acted silly) and kids who took opium (they sat on park benches, half asleep). As a counselor in a high school I tried to help a student choose classes for his junior year of high school. The only thing he could say was, “sure, what ever.” I guessed he was on something. This happened a lot. The kids claimed that their drug supply came from the sheriff’s deputy parked down the road. I have no idea if their story was true. I was part of the enemy’s camp – you know – like a grown-up or an adult. Today all of those kids would probably be in jail. The school to jail pipeline. But I’m betting that most of those kids are now tax paying grandparents – if the guys made it through Vietnam.

The Vietnam war was another big factor in drug use of young people. Many of the soldiers experimented with drugs while in Vietnam. Most stopped using drugs when they returned stateside. There is probably something about a person’s basic brain chemistry and/or personality structure which can influence addiction or causal use and non-addictive traits. I suspect that experimental research on these questions won’t happen anytime soon.

For now we are stuck in an endless cycle of violence by the various law enforcement governmental agencies. Meanwhile we the people are paying a significant portion of out taxes on keeping non violent “criminals” in jail and paying the high cost of maintaining the Gestapo cops who so easily kill other humans.

Addiction should be treated and managed like a medical condition. This seems only logical to me and wiser. Oh – how about compassionate as well. But hey it is so much more fun for cops to dress up like military raiders to take out cartoon bad guys. I watched cops do exactly that from across the street. I was at a local shop and couldn’t leave the store because of the over dressed cops showing off. The cops emptied out of vehicles and converged on this small house next to the local biker’s bar. Doors and windows of the house were broken. In less than ten minutes the over armed cops came out leading two very tiny women. The women had no guns – at least this is what the owners of the store I was in told me. The two women had angered the drug dealers in the bar – competition wasn’t good.

So those are my meager observations of the war on drugs. The war has been lost but the current President seems to have a vested interest in keeping his inherited war on drugs going. Why? Obama took drugs when he was a teen – he bragged about it. Obama could reclassify marijuana. There are actions he could take. So we need to find out just who is getting rich off of this war on drugs – it is always about the money.

Update – News Flash – the Federal Government or in this case an arm of the Government is so unbelievably stupid that they think Industrial hemp seeds are drugs or are going to be used for drugs. Most intelligent citizens of the U.S. support medical marijuana and many states are moving toward a sane and rational approach to marijuana use. On the other hand the admitted former drug user, Obama, has surround himself with authoritarian dogmatic dimwits who want to spend billions on a failed drug war. Hemp is good. Hemp can be a non drug cash crop for farmers just about anywhere. Hemp grows like a weed – because that’s what hemp is. Hemp can be spun and turn into cloth. This could be a major industry in the U.S.. But nope the DEA nitwits confiscate hemp seeds. Some times it is embarrassing to be an American.

DEA Seizes Kentucky’s Hemp Seeds Despite Congressional Legalization – http://huff.to/1lb73yC

Obama why can’t you find competent political appointees? Or how about using common sense?

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