Climate change deniers & Faux media stories

It is always interesting to watch climate deniers twist statistics to prove their point – which is that humans have NOT contributed to global warming. This is the point that chubby cheeks Senator Rubio was making about denying the scientific evidence built up over the last few decades.

“. . . . media misrepresentation is now par for the course.” (Quote from link above.)

From Forbes’ global warming denier in residence, James Taylor, “only half of American Meteorology Society Meteorologists believe global warming is occurring and humans are the primary cause based on a new survey.” The new journalism of Billionaire owned media – lie and twist the statistics using your own staff.

The actual numbers are significantly different according to the real authors of the research.

James Taylor claims 50% of AMS meteorologists are climate deniers.
The real number from the survey was 73%
The big difference in the deniers and those that accept that the scientific research is correct is that the scientists who are doing the research understand what the data is showing. Of the meteorologists who do not research or publish in peer reviewed scientific journals 62 % were convinced that humans have contributed to global warming.

James Taylor’s number is 50 %
The real number is 73 %  (This percentage is both members who publish their research and non researchers).

93 % of Researchers who study the data and also research and publish are convinced that humans have contributed muted to global warming.

62 % of the AMS members who don’t publish in scientific peer reviewed journals were convinced that humans contributed to global warming. 62 % is 12 % points difference from James Taylor’s wild claim.

Follow the money. Too bad the Billionaires club is so interested in getting even richer. These guy greed is harming future generations.

Consider this –
If there was only one study which found evidence in that human have contributed to global warming then chubby cheeks Rubio might have a point. But there are now thousands of scientific research articles published in peer reviewed scientific journals which have found an abundance of evidence that we humans contribute to global warming. The good thing about all the money that the climate deniers are directing at the few meteorologists and non publishing scientists is that the real scientists are working even harder to make sure their research can pass the judgement of their peers. If there were some other reason for climate change/global warming which precluded any human influence this evidence would be found and published. Scientists are always testing hypothesis and replicating earlier research. Valid research is repeatable and the hypothesis, methods, sources of data, statistics is described in painstaking detail. Most often papers are authored by several scientists and their graduate assistants.

Scientists involved in climate research know that their published work will be put under a microscope by fellow scientists as well as the well funded climate deniers. I’ve spent many hours in university libraries reading research journals and over time it gets easier to recognize the difference between excellent research and the publisher or parish crap found in some journals. Some of the sloppy work was by geologists – interesting hypothesis but very little testing of hypotheses. Some of the better papers were by the scientists who had large datasets – in other words lots of records from many places over a very long period of time. These papers also had multiple authors. It is always handy to have colleagues double and triple check sources, data and statistics.

Marco Rubio said: “I do not believe that human activity is causing these dramatic  changes to our climate the way these scientists are portraying it.” (From “The case for skepticism about climate scientists.”written by James Tarantino of the Wall Street Journal). As much as the Billionaires – oil, gas, fracking, and coal – are spending on disproving global warming one would think their team of non scientists, lobbyists and PR firms would have found an error in the massive research on the link between humans and global warming. At this point all they can do is buy politicians and media outlets to push their agenda. Generation from now people living in a shrinking Florida will not have kind words for Senator Rubio.

More of Rubio’s lying and lack of a science education.


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