Obama not a fan of public education

Obama is an elitist. It is a tribute to the GOP party that they have convinced many haters that Obama is a Socialist. Obama never went to public school therefore he supports what he knows – which is not public schools.

The blog lawyers guns and money had this news item about Obama’s new appointment for the undersecretary of Education as a big guy in the privatization of Education movement. A very big part of the move to privatise education has to do with ripping off the taxpayer and another large part of public money paying for public church schools is racism. Resegregation is back thanks to the racism of so many of the fundamentalist cults. Not all religious fundamentalists are racists – but off the top of my head I can’t think of a single wing nut church that isn’t racist and sexist.

For the fools who are bent out of shape because a black guy is in the white house – take another look. Obama is a white guy, culturally white. He went to private schools in Hawaii, probably doesn’t speak da mine pidgin English. Which he should be fluent in. He is mixed race – which happens to be the largest ethnic group in Hawaii. He grew up male, privileged and affluent in Hawaii where the majority of the population is mixed race. No big deal being happa haole (half white) in Hawaii. No problem – Black Agenda Report has been on Obama’s case for lying for years. I know about Obama’s lies because I grew up in Hawaii.

So this guy Ted Mitchell got nearly a quarter of a million dollars as CEO of a “non profit” organization involved in charter schools. Wow amazing how well paying some non profit group are. This guy was also in California during that state’s huge growth in charter schools. Surprise, surprise.

California’s is also the state that researched the voucher system. Parents were given a voucher which they could present to the school of their choice within the school district. The school district was in San Jose – the voucher system was a failure. I know I had a front row seat. My mother was a teacher at one of the voucher schools. I was in college where a lot of the professors were observing the voucher schools.

The voucher system was a failure. The teachers were working hard to make this “new way” a success. Perhaps because most of the teachers involved in this experiment are retired and/or dead the folks now pushing privatization of schools think the old experiment would be forgotten. Obama was the chairman of a research project in the Chicago school district – funded by the Annenberg fund. That grand experiment also failed. The reasons for that failure seemed to be typical Chicago pay to play. It’s been years since I read the only evidence that Obama has any leadership training. He failed at leadership then as he does now. But hey – he is making sure he helps out his corporate investors.

In August 2003 final technical report of the Chicago Annenberg Research Project by the Consortium on Chicago School Research said that while “student achievement improved across Annenberg Challenge schools as it did across the Chicago Public School system as a whole, results suggest that among the schools it supported, the Challenge had little impact on school improvement and student outcomes, with no statistically significant differences between Annenberg and non-Annenberg schools in rates of achievement gain, classroom behavior, student self-efficacy, and social competence.”

Voucher/non voucher schools in San Jose back in the 1970s has a similar lack of results.
For $20 you can read about how the “free market” system is coming to education.

The abstract of the $20 article:
The debate over educational vouchers has heated up in recent years, but there has been little empirical evidence on the many issues. The purpose of this article is to set the background for that debate and introduce a number of original empirical works of recent vintage on issues of market choice. These include studies of choice and payment by results in England and Scotland as well as econometric simulation and case studies of public choice and public/private choice in the U.S.A. In addition, there are four essay reviews of recent books on public and market choice and a theoretical attempt to explain why public and private schools have similar curriculum and organization.

This time wall street wants to stick their greedy hands into educating the next generation. This time with the profit motive high the outcome will likely be worse. One of the reasons I could not vote for Obama was because of his involvement in the Annenberg project – he who never went to public school was in charge of a project to improve public school?????????????? How arrogant of Obama and his friend Bill Ayers – who was also involved with this project. Another rich boy who never went to public school.

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So why is the first Black President supporting racism and sexism by supporting charter schools?

Meanwhile, in less blatant attempts to avoid desegregation, states and localities also enacted “freedom of choice” plans that typically allowed white students to transfer out of desegregated schools, but forced black students to clear numerous administrative hurdles and, not infrequently, withstand harassment from teachers and students if they entered formerly all-white schools. When some segregationists began to acknowledge that separate black and white schools were no longer viable legally, they sought other means to eliminate “undesirables


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