Lots of people were pro war

Remember all those damned yellow ribbons on the cars — support the troops???? I don’t know the party most likely to put those stupid yellow ribbons on the cars — and frankly don’t care. But now that the wounded and broken troops are back home where are all those yellow ribbons? NOW is the time to support the troops — and the VA veterans administration is the part of the government that is supposed to put the injured, broken and wounded men and women back together.

Now we are learning that the staff just lied and lied and lied and found ways not to take care of the Veterans.  In this case we do know for certain that it was the gung ho war whore GOP that cut the funding for the medical care of the Veterans who fought Prez Bush’s war.

My Senator has been concerned about the Veterans Administration. There are a lot of military bases and personnel in this state. All the military branches are represented in Washington State — just like they are in Hawaii. There are other Senators — not GOP — who are on the case of the lying Veterans Administration staff. Bernie Sanders is one of the good guys — against Bush’s war of choice but for the proper treatment of the Vets who fought in that nightmare place.

I was against Bush’s wars of choice — but the men and women who followed their Commander and Chief’s orders and as a result were injured — these people deserve the very best care. Too often military personnel who were brain damaged by repeated exposure to the concussive force of road side bombs were booted from the service — because their behavior or care was too expensive for the same idiots who sent these men and women into the line of fire. If anyone was injured because of or during military service — they are owed by the U.S. Government to help them, rehabilitate them until they can return to some sort of normal life.

Arizona VA hospitals and administration are under the microscope at the moment — what we need to know is how wide spread this lack of care and lack of concern about the Vets who served this country. They did their job — and now the real cost of war has come to bite the asses in congress who want to sweep this problem under the carpet. Both parties are probably involved.

How many Vets are homeless? If it is anything like the aftermath of the Vietnam war — I expect the number of homeless Vets is very high. Right when the goodie goodie cities and towns what to make homelessness a crime. Way to go USA!! Yea team — unless you are hurt then go to hell????

O.K. I admit that I am just a bit biased. I was born in a military hospital and my dad retired from the Navy when I was in college. The military did a number on my dad — changed him and not for the better. He had health insurance from his civilian job and also access to VA care. Post Vietnam the VA wasn’t that great. The war was lost — and so the military Vets were abandoned.


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