Window 8 is junk

From the beginning I knew that Windows 8 was going to be intrusive and basically a mess. Microsoft seems to be counting on most computer users to be clueless about just how intrusive their operating system. It appears to me that Microsoft is working for NSA. If one gives all the information that Windows 8 demands then identity theft is a huge possibility.

So I will be moving over to a Linux based operating system. And of course installing Linux is going to be another challenge. Microsoft undoubtedly doesn’t want any other operating system competing with their junk software.

The new Windows 8 assumes that all of your information will be filtered through their system. If you opt to use Windows as is – out of the box you will be logging onto your computer via the Internet. The is another option – called a local log on. What I want to do is delete every bit of MS Window 8 and perhaps install Windows 7 – or simply opt for a full Linux.

I have a feeling that NSA was deeply involved in the development of Windows 8. Now I’m wondering how many backdoors have been installed. MS wasn’t Windows 8 users to go through a hub – why?  I don’t want everything about me to be “kept” by any corporation or spy agency. There are limits. Forcing computer owners to connect before we can get to our bought and paid for personal computer is just so un-American. It’s like we need permission from big corporate brother in order to use something that we own. Microsoft Word nor any of the other bloated “office” products will not be installed on the “new to me” computer. (It is a reconditioned used computer.) has an excellent set of office software. A word processor, spreadsheet program, power point like program and a database program.

When Window 8 came out it got mixed reviews from the techies. I’ve been using various Windows O.S. for ages – I managed to skip some of the horrible messes. XP was good and then Windows 7. But now I’m ready for a third party open source operating system.

Funny how the above opinion about Microsoft almost sounds like I was writing about politics. Third parties and the two dominate computer operating systems. Let’s hear it for open source – Independent candidates – I mean software.


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