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Difference in response by cops to Occupy and TEA party events

Let’s see we have that guy Bundy a member of the TEA party who is still going strong spewing hate. The the Operation Occupy Wall Street – peaceful protests to point out that there are two sets of laws – one for the top 1% and another set of laws for the 99%. Guess which group got hammered by cops and Homeland InSecurity? Not the TEA party folks. This all happened under Obama’s watch. Obama the guy who’s hero was Raygun. (Link goes to an article called “Law enforcement vs the Hippy”) Read the article for the full details with links about the two very different responses by law enforcement. Remember that this is happening under the Obama (dirty Chicago political machine) era.

Yes Obama’s Homeland InSecurity did coordinate the cops attacks on all Occupy events from Oakland where the Mayor sent out the Gestapo goons and many were injured – including a Veteran who was deliberately shot in the head with a year gas canister. Since there was an epidemic of cops grabbing women’s breasts at only occupy event – can we guess that sexual assault was also directed by Homeland InSecurity? The wide spread use of sexual assault was planned – something like that to happen independently does not occur without a political objective.

Which organization is working for the people? Not the Bundy lead TEA party. Bundy’s son lead a mob through the protected land of the Ancients – the ruins of prehistoric Native Americans. Bundy has been getting wealthy off of grazing his cattle on land owned by we the people. We pay taxes or we pay huge fines and we can have our homes stolen by the government. Bundy doesn’t pay grazing fees and he is a racist hero to TEA party members.

Cecily McMillan is sexually assaulted by a cop and beaten by cops yet she is the one to go to jail.

Inverted Authoritarianism – just another example of the screwed up backwards world we live in. Human being are nothing but numbers to be bought and sold. Most people don’t have the time or energy to know what is happening. The propaganda news network isn’t reporting what is really happening. All of this was happening during the reign of Bush Jr. Obama has merely carried forward most of the Bush/Cheney policies. This is what the head of NSA has said – Obama rubber stamped Bush/Cheney policies – it was such a nice transition between the two reigns.

We are left with the vote and to elect people at the grassroots level who really represent all of us. We need hundreds of Elizabeth Warrens. I wonder if she can be cloned? Just kidding really. But we really do need legislators who will work for we the people. We will never agree with everything this new brand of legislators do. But we will know that they are doing their best – like Elizabeth Warren. Anyone remember the old black and white movie – Mr Smith goes to Washington? Then the cowboy philosopher Will Rogers had a thing or two to say about congress and politics. Every generation has had political philosophers – for example in the 19th Century Elizabeth Cady Stanton wrote The Woman’s Bible and was a political philosopher as well. Women won the right to vote. But are the votes being counted?



How much money was spent spying on occupy wall street activists? How much of our tax payer money is being spent on political spying? We need funding for mental crisis units OTHER than jails. We need funding for community centers for mentally ill can get medication and monitoring. Get mental illness out of the hands of law enforcement. Mental illness is just that.

Sorry preaching to the choir. None of us have a voice.


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