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Militarization of law enforcement

Part one – because unfortunately there are so many of these stories.

In other words the cops make up the laws as they feel. Every verdict where the victims of police brutality are found guilty embolden the cops.

This link goes to an article about an innocent renter of an apartment next to a business that was raided by federal agents who physically and verbally assaulted the owner of the business. The renter who is a college student was also verbally abused. All of his computer equipment and cameras were stolen by the Feds who did not have a warrant to be in his apartment.

The comment section is also worth reading. Here we learn that the victims of the Feds was further victimized by the judge. Fair trial and right to a lawyer? No not in the fascist states of America.

Really sad that what our founding fathers had hoped they were creating didn’t happen. I feel like a close family member has died and we are holding the wake. Way way back in my family tree I have the same ancestors as the at least one signer of the Constitution. The brave men and women (Abigail Smith Adams for example) who gave up much to see the birth of a new country would not be at all pleased to learn that citizens are being mistreated by Federal Gestapo Agents.


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