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NYT – relevant or tool?

The NYT appointed an enemy of the free press,

a so called opinionated government spokesman

to review Glenn Greenwald’s new book – Nowhere to hide. This book is based on documents created by NSA and copied by whistleblower Edward Snowdon. Of course the U.S. Government doesn’t want Americans to know that NSA is copying every bit of data humans are producing. The reason we are given is terrorism. But when it came out that all of the cell phone traffic – all of it – of the Bahamas is copied, recorded and stored, the cat is out of the bag. Apparently NSA has zero comprehension that there is a difference between terrorism and tourism.

Anyway, of course, the newspaper of record, the NYT, would choose one of the CIA/NSA assets to review a book about the dirty dealings of the NSA. The word is privacy – the U.S. Military is spying on Americans and the rest of the world. For a very long time I have felt like the USA is under the rule of a military dictatorship. I grew up on military bases which are military dictatorships. When I moved off of the last military base when my father retired, I wrongly assumed that I was getting away from the patriarchal authoritarian commanding officer who is God of his little kingdom. The authoritarian militarization of America has been slowly marching forward like a slow growing cancer. Most Americans are working so hard to keep themselves and their families clothed, fed and housed that few realize what’s happening. I now know that I am not crazy. The clues of Government spying have been obvious to many of the IT geeks. I know a few – it is hard not to know a few computer geeks where I live.

We do have a few brave journalist who are not owed by corporations, or spy agencies or the White House. These truth tellers are few and far between. The NYT is a newspaper that cannot be trusted. Sad but that is the truth. NYT – your time is over. Edward Snowdon did not contact you because he distrusted your ability to be a real, freedom of the press, newspaper.

“With the release of Glenn Greenwald’s new book about Edward Snowden, it is once again time to fire up the bizarre parade of media pundits condemning the practice of journalism. Up today: Michael Kinsley.”


I just love the way Gawker’s Hamilton Nolan takes the New York Times down! Bravo! Well done.


Glenn Greenwald’s response to the NSA/CIA assets a.k.a. journalists who reviewed No Place To Hide.

This is an example of a real honest review of Greenwald’s book – No Place To Hide. Well done.

Reviewing the reviewers – or the cockroaches are crawling out of the walls. Look, see, read to learn what the propaganda from the US Government really feels about we the people. No not the author of this salon article but rather the Greenwald haters who exposed who they really work for.


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