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Missing pages in books

Mythology as religion.

At the moment I’m reading an interesting book – a novel. Fiction set off world in another world. The time period could be the middle ages or the dark ages. No churches or priests are mentioned. The King is evil and he has complete control over his subjects. Something evil is poisoning the land – no one seems to know what or who is responsible. The story unfolds through the eyes of an orphan who is left in the care of the kitchen servants. Child labor, mere children scrubbing pots and working for scraps of food and a corner to sleep.

Finder is what the child is called because she has a magical ability to find things. Everyone assumes she is mute and stupid. But she isn’t what she seems. The younger Prince decides that he needs a personal servant and a mute can tell no tales. Finder has taught herself to read from discarded books. These are history books with pages missing. She has no idea why the books are missing pages. She reads the history of the land ruled by the evil King. Finder has a talent that no one knows about – she can talk to the horses and other animals. She also has a limited talent to foresee danger to others.

Her master is ordered on a journey to a seaport city where boats will be built to travel to another kingdom of Barbarians because the king has decided that foreigners are to blame for the sickness in the land. In the castle of the seaport Finder again takes an abandoned room as her sleep space. She finds an old abandoned library with books and again there are missing pages. When she is discovered looking at a book the queen immediately assumes that Finder is only interested in the pictures. Finder is allowed to look at the books in return for cleaning this unused room. It seems people in this Kingdom don’t have much use for reading. The King has closed the schools and ordered parents to homeschool. But the hardworking peasants don’t have the energy or the time. The Nobel class can read and write but no one has the passion for reading and writing like Faith has.

The missing pages theme reminded me of the Fundamentalist college I went to for a couple of years. The education we got there is very much like the mythology as history taught today at other colleges. The science books are missing pages. When students ask questions their professors reply – “just believe”. I took Biology at this fundamentalist college and the professor told us that Evolution did not exist that all the animals on the earth today are exactly like they were when God created them. But our text book had an example of a bird species that was separated by a chain of mountains. This specie’s evolution happened over time but during the modern era. Our Biology professor said that page should have been removed. I heard that remark from many of the instructors at that college. Rather than deal with science or historical truths or facts – they merely remove the offending pages.

This books is well written, characters are well developed and the world building doesn’t lose the reader with too much unnecessary details while allowing us to picture in our minds the time period, customs and the people. This book is very different from the usual book I read – so it is a nice change of pace.

Finder: First Ordinance, book 1, by Connie Suttle. (A Kindle ebook.)

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