What century are we living in?

Sometimes I wonder if I’m asleep and having a really bad nightmare. In this nightmare I’m reading news headlines until one catches my interest enough to take a closer look.

The U.S. House of Representatives Votes to Deny Climate Science And Ties Pentagon’s Hands on Climate Change. This story has been reported in many different news outlets. Global warming is settled science. If anything the research scientists were too conservative in their predictions. The only good thing that climate deniers have done for the “debate” is that the climate research scientists were even more exacting with their research. Peer reviews have been more intense. The U.S. Military’s research even found that global warming is a security threat.

Then there is the story of the drug raid in Texas where the DEA cops beat the store owner. The dirty judge (this is Texas remember) ordered the victim of macho DEA brutality to lie and say the cops didn’t put a huge bruise on her neck which is the exact shape of rifle butt while beating her. This war on drugs has gone on for so long that it now nearly impossible to tell the good guys from the bad guys. The judge ordered her to retract her statement and then the DEA cops used the lie she was forced to tell by a dirty judge and as proof that she lied the first time.

Problem is that the police brutality was witnessed by civilians. When will the war on drugs end? Certainly lots of people at the top of the pyramid are getting rich. Which means that the little people are the ones paying the price. Addiction is a medical condition and that how our country’s drug problem should be treated – as a medical an psychological condition. As for the vast army of drug warriors – they are as big a problem as the drugs and the ignorance of the folks at the top of that particular foo chain. I don’t know what the solution is – I just know that going down the current road is the wrong direction. Right now the NSA an other alphabet agencies are spying on everyone. There are enough terrorist in America and those guys speak foreign languages – so the NSA looks for drug stuff. We are all suspects and being spied on. Even Yoga classes and Pacifism is a suspicious activity.

One Nation Under Surveillance. Homeland InSecurity has Fusion centers all over the U.S. and they have a list of suspicious activities, organisations and thoughts that are now apparently illegal in the U.S. Look at the Fusion center documents and it is clear that anyone could be placed on a “watch” list. You want a living wage – you are dangerous.

Back in the Nixon era feminists were spied on. Document from that era show that someone in attendance was taking notes for the spy agencies or the meetings were bugged. After living through the Nixon era it isn’t hard to see the parallels between Nixon and Bush/Cheney/Obama’s era. This time the spying is worse. What happened in the 20th Century is happening in the 21st Century.

Then the big news this Memorial Day Weekend is another mass killing in Santa Barbara. There are again mental health issues – and we are reminded how difficult it is for parents to get mental health intervention for their children. And then there is the horrific loss suffered by the families and friends of the victims. We are told that the presumed killer was armed with legally obtained weapons and that he had a large stockpile of ammunition to continue his murdering rage. This killer was a hater according to his manifesto he was out hunting for blond young college women.

This sort of misogynistic isn’t all that unusual. But crimes like this aren’t treated as hate crimes. This guy was leaving hate messages on discussion boards where other misogynist liked to meet up and talk trash about women. This sort of hate all women rages was part of the dark ages a time when millions of women (and gays) were burnt at the stakes. There are so many sources of information – no doubt you’ve read a few already. Gawker.com and Guardian online both have background stores on this hater, who is now dead. The mental illness treatment system is broken. How did this young man slip through the cracks – and how many more untreated mentally ill are out there legally armed thanks to the NRA? We are unprepared for this sort of domestic terrorism. When and where will the next mass killer strike? Isn’t it interesting that after tragedy strikes people come forward who knew something was off about that young man or woman. But mental hospitals are closed and even State Senators can’t get their sons admitted – when the parents know that their child needs medication.

So my question – what century are we living in? Technologically we are advanced but psychologically – some humans have been left behind.


Bless her Echidne really covers the story — I mean the real story of the slaughter of human beings in Santa Barbara a couple of days ago. This was a hate crime. This guys who apparently planned to avenge what? That’s a big part of the problem – the sort of hatred he had against people he didn’t even know is not normal. Or is this a new normal for a tiny minority of humans? The problem is that these haters can get their hands on weapons. There there was the car he used as a weapon.


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