Mental illness and guns again

So another mentally ill person was able to legally buy guns and go out hunting – human beings in Santa  Barbara. We all know that somewhere out there another mentally ill guy is stock piling weapons and ammo. Kill, kill, kill.

The problem is that these rare individuals are hard locate and stop before they kill. Please remember that most mentally ill individuals are more likely to harm themselves or become victims of poorly trained police officers. There is also the inane lack of laws which could allow mental health professional put individuals who are in crisis in a mental health ward.

This individual should have been stopped at the point of sale (of guns and ammo) and in most other First World counties he most likely would have tweaked the radar of mental health professionals. This killer left behind a public record of his intentions – writings and YouTube videos of his psychotic tendencies.

This killing spree was yet another mental health crisis failure. This crap will keep on happening until enough of us get the attention of legislators from the state houses to Congress. If billions of dollars are flowing to spy on all citizens then why not cut some of that vast money supply and spent it on mental illness. Mental ill research and treatment is an underfunding crisis.

We need mental health professional and lawyers working together who can devise a uniform crisis commitment law. Families – sibling and parents generally know when a child is on the verge of a psychotic break. If not the parents then often teachers or counselors often can see that something is off. Of course the legal rights of the mentally ill need to be respect. This is not happening now with prisons serving as the default mental hospitals.

Americans are under educated and basically ignorant about mental illness. I know this – because my parents denied the fact that my sister, their daughter had her first psychotic episodes when she was ten years old. She had been hearing voices for years before she started attacking me. Even I knew that her behavior wasn’t normal. I knew that voices in her head were making her do bad things. My parents were in denial about my sister’s eventual diagnosis of Schizophrenia/manic depression until their death. They blamed everyone for “causing” my sister’s mental illness. This sort of ignorance and denial isn’t unusual – but it is extremely harmful for the mentally ill individuals. I diagnosed my sister’s mental illness when I was taking Abnormal Psychology in college. She was a text book case. It took ten years before her husband tried to get treatment and medication to control her psychotic episodes. Why he delayed seeking medical help was probably due to the general ignorance of most Americans. My pleas that my sister needed help fell on deaf ears.

Schizophrenia is not unique to America. Most First World countries are way ahead of the U.S. in the recognition and treatment of mental illness. China is way behind the U.S. in identification and treatment of the mentally ill. There have been a number of stories from China about knife swinging men going on a rampage. Often the targets of the mentally ill Chinese men are children. Different culture and cultural context. There is a growing field of the study of cultural differences in how mental illness is expressed in by individuals from different cultures.

Schizophrenia is genetic. Schizophrenia is caused by rare genes that are somehow triggered. Research is now suggesting that the triggers happen while in the uterus. One of a twin can be Schizophrenia and the other normal. Now that is a mystery. At one time parents were blame – bad parenting and all that. But that theory is not supported by research. Although the science of the genetics of Schizophrenia is settled – we know that it is genetic – there are still those who still blame parents or the mentally ill themselves.

Many people who are mentally ill lack the self awareness that they are mentally ill. It is sounding to me like the mass murderer in Santa Barbara was unaware of his own psychos. He probably thought he was absolutely sane. Which is why the cops sent to check on him didn’t see the symptoms. Perhaps a trained professional mental health worker might have missed the signs. We are told that the murderer’s parents were trying to find him and that the young man’s therapist had warned the parents. In many states therapists hands are tied – even if they suspect that their patient is unstable.

The biggest problem is that this mass murderer was able to buy guns and ammo. Why? Unless the laws are changed there will be more parents in extreme grief because their children were killed by a well armed crazy person.

Another subject is that this mass murder was a hate crime. This killer made it abundantly clear that he hated women and the men that women choose. But clearly he was a misogynist hater. There is a lot of his hate going around. He would have been more comfortable living in an Islamic country where women are of less value than a donkey and have no human rights. In Pakistan a woman was just stoned to death for marrying the man she loved. And this was what that creepy murderer in Santa Barbara was saying about women in his manifesto – that women have no right to choose. Women should have worshipped him – and then what? To the murderer women were never human beings. He is not alone in his misogynistic attitudes – it is ingrained in this culture (not all men – but enough that many women feel like prey animals). He was crazy and he took the worst parts of the American culture – hate for the other plus guns and stole lives on the way to his own suicide.

This will happen again. Different place but guns will be used by another mass murderer.


I won’t use the killers name – but others do. It really is hard for many people to get their head around the fact that this was a hate crime. The killer was very clear what his objective was.

More of the background.

Psycentral has a lot of information on mental illness. The research is important and underfunded.
The best article on the Santa Barbara murders. The comments are good many insightful. The guy was mentally ill and his motives were culturally driven misogyny. Recognize that fact because there is a war on women and girls.

White guy killer syndrome – the killer was half Asian. Then there was the killer at Virginia Tech who was non white – but still both guys were . . . well males with guns. This author sort of shot herself in the foot – a virtual shot in her virtual foot.

“MSNBC’s Chris Hayes ‘open Larry’s and ‘Men’s Rights’ activist share misogynist roots.”

Add a few wacko politicians who talk about legitimate rape and keep coming up with war on women legislation. We know – we know already – that not all men are the bad guys. No debate. But the fact is that there is a war on women. It’s about time that the real men stepped up and got the wackos under control. The majority of men are sane – so how are the jackasses getting elected?
A summary of sorts – now will she tell us what she really thinks about the haters who buy guns to kill routers because they are self centered narcissistic creeps?


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