Secrets of abnormal psychology classes

Over on there is a discussion about guns as the extension of the male human penis. Oh my, reading that article as well as the comments gave me a flash back to my college days. I remember that several of the psychology professors included remarks about the males who need to carry a big powerful gun “like it is an extension of their penis” which would lead to a vigorous class discussion – male chorus “it is not”, female chorus – not able to respond because we were all laughing too hard.

We need to have this discussion. Why the need of some males to carry and show their guns? The take away message is that the gun displaying guys are telling the world that they have teenee weenees. The answer to the upswing of gun violence is to first get the guns out of crazy peoples hands. Definition of crazy may vary. I think we also need to start educating kids very early about guns – mostly that all guns should be considered as loaded. As a military brat I was taught at a very young age that guns are dangerous. I was taught how to fire a gun and how to disable a gun from firing. I never heard of any gun related accidents by children of military when I was growing up living on military bases. Back then we saw weapons every day. Regulations about carrying guns on military bases have changed since the cold war era. But most of the younger generation of military brats I’ve talked to also were taught weapons safety by their fathers (and mothers).

Respect for weapons as killing instruments. This is what I don’t see from the show off your gun crowd. For the guys that feel the need to show up in public places with dangerous weapons – you fools are just demonstrating that you are insecure – you are walking jokes. Your insecurity is showing. So what I can fire a hand gun and a rifle. My dad had a few antiques – a rifle used by U.S. soldiers in World War one. I also saw the prop airplanes that flew over Vietnam with bullet holes in their windshields. Gun are not toys – and the immature males who show off in public need to be put through boot camp to learn respect.

The gun law improvements that no on is taking seriously.
Go read the list. If these improvements had been the law of the land many lives would have been saved.

This link below doesn’t go here. But the power thing about guns and the issues working women face everyday does belong somewhere. As much as our guys love us few really comprehend that this is a dangerous world for human beings who happen to be women. Anyway these links are for me and anyone else who might be interested. I remember Europe when I was there as a college student. The men who flashed their junk didn’t have guns but I guess they had to show something?


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