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Another innocent victim of war on drugs

The war on drugs is really a war on people and babies.

In the latest case of bringing the war into homes a bunch of no knock thugs tossed a stun grenade into a baby’s crib. The baby is in critical condition. Dumb ass cops claim there was no sign or nothing – you know – to let us thugs know that there was a SLEEPING BABY in the crib where the stun grenade was tossed at 3 a.m.

A family had been burned out of their homes in another state and were visiting relatives in Georgia. So the didn’t have much “stuff” in the first place. Then the refused to put up a sign to alert the thug cops that a baby was sleeping in a crib. It should have been obvious that the nice target for the grenade was a baby’s crib. Did the stupid cops get medical help immediately for the baby or did they sexually assault the mother first before she could go to her child. This has happened before a stun grenade was dropped next to a SLEEPING child – she was killed. The stupid thug cops tried to blame the grand mother for their own stupidity.

The problem is that we don’t know how many innocent lives have lost due to the war on drugs. There is no organized effort to collect this information. I suspect that the numbers are very high and that the reports we read are merely the tip of the iceberg. This victim is getting attention due to his age and the gross stupidity of the drug warriors involved. This time their excuses sound like lies. Sue the Bastard.

The thing is that this is not the first time in this war against innocents a.k.a. the war on drugs that a child has been injured or died. The idiot cops the idiot judges who give their permission for this on going war against innocent by bystanders need to be held accountable. Sue the cops no more immunity for being stupid. Sue the police and keep using them – hold the thug cops accountable for the damage to this child.

The “target” of this drug raid wasn’t even in the house. The cops “feel” bad. No they don’t – they got caught at being stupid. Will this child ever fully recover? He is in critical condition and the parents are left holding the bills for the cops arrogance and stupidity.

How many more innocent lives are going to be sacrificed on this war?

One thing we have learned about cops – they lie. It must be a job requirement. After tossing the grenade into the baby’s crib. The lying cops complain that the didn’t know. There was a car in the drive way with a baby seat. The cops never physically visited the house before the adrenalin and/or steroid hopped up thug terrorists cops decided to get a no knock warrant. It was too much effort for the thug terrorist cops to send in an undercover pizza guy looking for an address? The discussion following the rawstory.com article is interesting because of the cop defenders comments. Blame the victims is the oldest trick in the book. Cops are out of control. The militarization of cops and the war on drugs is turning cops into terrorists. We are learning that cops don’t tell the truth. The news is full of cops behaving badly stories.

It did not used to be this way. At one time cops were the guys who found lost children and made sure they got home safely. I know because I was one of the kids who got one of those safe rides home. I was the kid who had to lead a group of first graders on a ten mile walk – because our ride never came. All the adults had left not one bit concerned that children were standing outside of the school. We were stranded by the older boy who was hired to drive us home. I knew the way to the town center. When were we found by the town police officer who took each of us home. There was a time and a place when police officers were serious about protecting us. We respected police officers because they worked hard to earn our respect.

Today’s cops demand submissive citizens and obedience. Respect has not been earned. Lie and we remember the lies by cops. Cops are fearful they have the military mentality – civilians are the suspects, the enemy. Cops shoot unarmed people and use fear as the reason.

There is no defense for the terroristic behavior of modern cops. Dogs, children, babies and 90 year old ladies aren’t safe from modern warrior cops. Cops can’t be both gung ho grenade slinging warrior and protect the children. There are just too many dead, injured and traumatized children to prove otherwise.


Who are the terrorists? Cops who toss grenades in baby’s cribs.
That place is America, and that time is a period during which police believe it is their duty to launch military-style assaults on civilians who sell politically incorrect drugs, knowing full well that there is bound to be “collateral damage” like this from time to time. After Bounkham recovers from the injuries inflicted by his government and becomes old enough to ask what happened that night, is there any explanation that will make sense to him?



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