History of team called redskins

So why don’t they just change the name? Or we are told as children not to lie because lies have a habit being exposed. Or the ultimate threat – lying is a sin and you never know if the lie you tell is the unpardonable sin. Grow up in a fundie religion and hear the adults lie about what constitutes a sin. Fun.

Anyway long before most of us were born there were lies about where the team name “Redskins” came from. Supposedly it was to honor a coach who was Indian/Native American. But that was a lie.

So change the name. And Democrats stop honoring Andrew Jackson. Quit trying to rewrite or ignore the fact that President Andrew Jackson was a genocidal racist who was personally responsible for the trail of tears.

Redskins is a racist name for a sports team – that name has got to go. Andrew Jackson’s damned face has got to be taken of the $20 Bill. Racism is racism. Don’t rewrite history by retelling lies.



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