War on whistleblowers – blowback

That would be Obama’s war on whistleblowers. Either he owns this particular war or he admits he is a mere puppet for Shadows. I’ve been guessing that the shadows are group of military industrial spy complex CEOs. 

There is also the Obama war on journalists – the ones who are doing their jobs and acting as the eyes and ears of we the people – as in the First amendment – Freedom of the Press. Most of the corporate media has forgotten what the it job news reporter really means. Oh right – news means entertainment.

James Risen is one target of Obama and Holder who are demanding that Risen reveal his sources or go to jail.

That’s why five organizations—RootsAction.org, The Nation, the Center for Media and Democracy / The Progressive, Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR) and the Freedom of the Press Foundation—have joined together to start a campaign for protecting the confidentiality of journalists’ sources. So far, in May, about 50,000 people have signed a petition telling President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder to end legal moves against Risen.

Charging that the administration has launched “an assault on freedom of the press,” the petition tells Obama and Holder: “We urge you in the strongest terms to halt all legal action against Mr. Risen and to safeguard the freedom of journalists to maintain the confidentiality of their sources.”

The Hope and change Obama promised never did materalize and it never will. Insurance Corporations are in charge of health care decisions – Obama Care is one fracking bungled mess. It is better than nothing – which could very well be the Obama legacy – he is better than a blob from Mars. We should have had single payer and gotten rid of the Insurance companies.

Another mess that Obama owns (along with Bush/Cheney).

The VA administration is a mess and has been for years. This is what happens when wars are run “off books” and then few want to pay the bills. Bush/Cheney started this problem and cousin Obama helped cover it up. There’s a letter written by a Vet who was in such agonizing pain he killed himself. The VA was responsible as well as the DEA. I know a number of individuals who were either in auto accidents or had war injuries. They had an impossible task finding pain doctors who could prescribe effective pain killers. I can’t tolerate any pain killer stronger than ibuprofen. But there are people who are in horrific pain – doctors can get in trouble with the DEA if they exceed what has been called a pediatric dose for those who suffer from constant pain.

VA staff members are writing Gawker.com and telling the secrets about how the nasty VA system works. Seems like a whole lot of firing of the fraudsters is called for. My dad was a Vet and he had a military funeral – he used the VA. There are a lot of retired military in this area. So yes I have heard the first hand accounts for years. My uncle was a military doctor. I was born in a military hospital.  . . .

Investigative reporters on problems at VA.

Whistleblowers would have made a difference – but seems like they were shut down early in the Obama administration. One whistleblower did complain and was quickly shut up. I would be very surprised if Omaha or is staff were completely unaware. This information of poor care and not enough doctors has been going on for years. I knew about it. VETs and their families mentioned problems. Senator Patty Murray has been on the forefront of VA care in this state and has been an advocate for Vets who could not get an appointment.
So she has been aware of the problem – as most of us who know retired Vets in Washington State.

Where were the whistleblowers in 2009? My sources tell me that they were silenced and threatened. Which party is responsible? The individuals who were cutting the funds to the VA. The ones that the whistleblowers couldn’t contact – they are the crooks and criminals.


Opiates have been used for centuries and remain to this day the most potent and reliable analgesic agents (Pasternak, 2011). They are used routinely and effectively for the treatment of acute severe pain following trauma, extensive burns or surgery. They are also used for patients with painful terminal diseases such as cancer. In these time-limited situations the efficacy of opiates is extensively documented and broadly accepted. In fact, their use has recently grown, in part because providing adequate pain relief is now considered an important standard of care and is required by law in some states. Beyond potent analgesia, opiates reduce anxiety and produce mild sedation and a palpable sense of well-being, often to the point of euphoria. These are an unmitigated benefit for patients who would otherwise have to endure the pain and suffering of acute or terminal medical conditions. While there is no debate over the short term use of opiates, their use for chronic non-malignant pain is controversial and there is growing reluctance among some physicians to prescribe them. The problem is that the most powerful opiate analgesics are also the most liable to cause abuse and addiction.

DEA’s war on Pain Doctors
“Opioids when taken under clinical supervision are not that dangerous,” says the American Pain Institute’s Myers. “The data tells us that only 3 percent of people who take opioids become addicts. The latest research conclusively shows that the best medicines for the treatment of chronic pain are narcotics. They have less side effects and more benefits than any other type of drug.”

More dangerous, contends Myers, are the everyday drugs that pain sufferers turn to when they can’t get narcotics. He talks about something called “suicide by Tylenol”: “When chronic pain patients can’t get opioids, they go out and use tremendous amounts of drugs like Tylenol and Motrin, which can cause serious liver and kidney damage. Pain patients are dying from kidney and liver disease because of this.”

Many pain patients are also dying by their own hand, according to the Pain Relief Network’s Reynolds. “All over America, pain patients are committing suicide because of the DEA’s campaign,” she claims. “I know of at least 17 recent cases in Arkansas alone. It’s really astonishing the amount of human carnage that this campaign has already caused.”

Where are all those plastic yellow ribbons on cars – support the troops?

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