How many POWs & MIAs?

Everything is politics, everything is related

As the media and the GOP are having a slugfest over the trade of one MIA/POW from the never ending war in Afghanistan why hasn’t anyone questioned that number. One – only one POW? Yet how many POWs and MIAs were there in the Vietnam war? A hell of a lot more than one. So Obama made a trade – four bad guys for one of our guys. Sgt. Bergdahl has been a prisoner or something for five years. The only prisoner? That is so hard to believe. I really don’t have enough information on this one case. But the information that there was only one U.S. POW should tell us something about the way of war of the 21st century. Troops are expendable – just numbers, units to be moved about. Lose a few – order replacements from the factory. No links – just Bing or Duckduck his name. This war is all about politics. Just like the underfunding the VA and the politicians who voted for underfunding are screaming the loudest. Politics. Using people. Disposable people.

CNN via Flipboard has an opinion piece by Brad Woodhouse on the Koch Brothers. What I learned from this article is that in 1980 David Koch and Ed Clark ran on a Libertarian ticket and they were way far to the right of Saint Ronnie Raygun. Which means today Raygun wouldn’t have a chance – he would be judged too liberal.

The Koch Brothers have been funding politicians who share the Koches extreme Right wing views. Which are: tax cuts for the wealthy and big oil, eliminating minimum wage, slashing Medicare and dismantling Social Security. These were the Koch Bros goals in 1980 and their goals haven’t changed.

The Koch Bros fund  group called Americans for Prosperity and the AFP keeps a score card of the correct votes. Now I’m making a guess without doing my research – but I’d bet that the high scorers on this AFP list are on the lucky end of the Koches political campaign donations? If only the voters knew how much the Koches really hate us all. keeps their own score card on the lovely Koch Brothers.

Then there is a story out of D.C. about a very stupid politician who lies when the facts get in his way. Global Warming or Climate change is settled science. When 97 % of climate scientists agree that global warming is happening and that human activity is responsible for global warming – there should be no debate other than what can humans do to lesson the impact for future generations?

Congresscritter Lamar Smith doesn’t let math or Science get in his way – no sir. He gets up and starts making up numbers. He claims that only 1 % of climate scientists support the notion that human activity contributes to climate change. Is he just naturally dumb and stupid to make up lies as chairman of some dumb committee. He’s saying that he can make a wish upon a star and day is night and he is the smartest politician ever – so there.

“House Science Chairman Lamar Smith, R-San Antonio, called it “a political document intended to frighten Americans into believing that any abnormal weather we experience is the direct result of human CO2 emissions.  In reality, there is little science to support any connection between climate change and more frequent or extreme storms.”

The climate deniers/ Koch funded politicians had two testifying and the 97 % who have found actual scientific evidence of human activity and climate change were represented by one scientist in the Kangaroo court of the House of Representatives.

So if the climate deniers don’t have scientific facts they will just lie. Ironic that the deniers are well funded by the individuals and corporations who make money from pollution and continuing business as usual. At some point in the future the deniers’ actions will be judged by the seventh generation.

WordPress glitch. The above article was published three times. I deleted two duplicates. Strange. Perhaps the NSA”s efforts to duplicate every bit of data had a hiccup? Just kidding – really just kidding. The glitch was real though. Reason unknown.


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