Constitution what constitution?

Glenn Greenwald’s new book, No Place To Hide, has a large section about how surveillance by big brother changes our behavior. Being watched and knowing that you are being watch constantly changes behavior. We know that some or most (or all?) of cell phone companies have granted various governments full access to customer communication. The Belgian owned Vodafone is the latest to admit that they have given full access to several governments.

We Americans have been taught a lot of lies while in school. Most states require at least one class about the U.S. Government. We were also taught about the Constitution in history classes and government classes. Are children still being taught the sales lies – the important amendments to the Constitution have been largely eroded in our lifetime.

Digby wrote a farewell to the Fourth Amendment. Others have written farewells to the First Amendment. The fourth Amendment has to do with illegal, warrant less searches of our private communications. Our founding fathers has personal reasons to include this amendment – because the British had absolutely no respect for the colonialists. The British were overbearing bullies and our founding fathers were trying to protect future citizens from government bullies of the home grown variety. This was the history I learned in a college history class on Early American history.

The U.S. government has become the red coated British soldiers that the first patriots sent packing back to England. The bad guys were the one we remember from our flawed history books. Frankly the U.K. never learned their lesson and they continue to spy on their citizens and everyone else.

The military spies just don’t get it and probably never will. To the military civilians apparently are the enemy. The military spies on the enemy.


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