Windows 8 – still terrible

Windows 7 still reigns supreme but as new computers come along with only the abomination called Windows 8 those numbers will change. There are lots of – how to understand Windows 8 – books out there which are absolutely necessary if you want to tame the stupid beast into something that is in the background. First of all the newer computers come with huge hard drives – Windows 8 commanders a huge part of the hard drive and as the “critical” updates are rolled out to fixed the current bugs and weaknesses that space is going to be filled with Windows OS necessary junk.

Why does Microsoft seem to have a goal of filling up disk space? Could it be all the cloud business? Software is changing and there is a movement to use clouds for more than storing photos.

The problem with any of the Windows 8 explained books is that the assumption going in that this OS is modern and wonderful. I’m looking for a book written by someone who is not a fanboy of Windows 8. I’d like to see just one intro telling us that this OS 8 is not modern – but merely a bunch of garbage, waste of time junk, grafted onto the reasonable Windows 7.

For frecking example – figuring out how to shut the computer OFF after installing a critical Win 8 update. No simple shut down button – nope. Buried under “charms” and other junk there is a way to reboot. Do I have Windows 8.1 on the computer? Don’t know – that information is hidden under layers of junk. There is just no way I’m ever going to like this PITA OS Windows 8 or 8.1 until I figure out how to trash the front end loaded junk.

Only positive thing about Windows 8 is that it starts very very very fast. In the meantime I have to play with charms and assorted junk before I even dare load my graphics software (photo and paint digital art related).
I like the touch screen and the quality of the graphic display – too bad that Windows 8 gets its junk charms in the way.


Charms – when I first saw the word charms associated with Windows 8 I thought the tech writer was begging for a section 8 discharge. But no it turns out that charms are perfect names for toys and junk and those names are for stupid buttons in Windows 8.

There are no books that I’d recommend to fix Windows 8. I’m looking for one which tells me how to rip front loaded mess from what might be (perhaps) hiding a passable OS. Could be that authors are afraid of being sued. A company that calls working button “charms” is likely to be stupid about author’s even delicate disapproval. Charms sounds like what the GOP came up with to win the women’s vote.


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