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Bloodthirsty media and GOP

Anyone following the hatred displayed by some media talking heads and GOP directed at the one and only POW to make it out of Afghanistan? That fact says a whole lot about the political attitude of the military and civilian CIC toward the disposable feet on the ground in a war zone. One POW traded as the war on Afghanistan is winding down. One – only one. This is modern 21st Century warfare? The jerks running these “modern wars” show never learned anything from the Vietnam war. Only one POW and the GOP and corporate media (some of the) seem ready to hang Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl without a trial. And what a show trial that would be – brings to mind the pre trial torturing of Chelsea Manning.

The latest talking head stupid has Chris Wallace asking about when the execution of Bergdahl is going to happen. Well not those actual words – but the meaning of the words are very clear. Seems that the Fox entertainment fellas are wanting a big media orgy show trial – while in the background the gallows are being built so that the execution can be captured in slow motion detail from every angle. This would take the place of Olympic coverage and the media could bid for the rights to design and build the gallows. Rights to witness the execution would be sold to the highest bidders – capitalism rules. I’m merely following Wallace’s words to a logical conclusion. What would happen if?

Then there is the dingbat blond talking head media dimwit who claims that since Bergdahl, the one and only POW to not be executed/killed/murdered by the Taliban, was dressed like his captors, was in fact now a convert to Talibanness.

If the objective is to drive someone who is in a fragile place to become the most hated man in America in order to “get” Obama – that isn’t happening. Rather Bergdahl’s parents are getting death threats. After five years of torture and who knows what kind bending methods the Taliban creeps use (perhaps borrowing methods used on Islamic captives helps at Get no) Bergdahl will now be tortured by the US media. This sort of feels like a mob of bullies who taunt young girls relentlessly until the girl decides being dead is her only option.

Chris Wallace and GOP dimwits will you STFU.

I am so glad that I do not own a working TV. I read the news on the Internet. The words are far more important than the dramatic delivery by news readers on the telly. I do not need a news reader aka talking head to twist and contort the news.

Chris Wallace has gone too far. I don’t know the details of Bergdahl’s captivity or how or why he ended up as a POW. Chris Wallace has no clue. That a creep like Wallace is allowed to trash talk – tells us a whole lot about modern media.


Additional links:

Another perspective, this link reviews the deliberate attack on a U.S. military ship by the Israeli Air Force 47 year ago. The transcripts make it clear that the pilots who attempted to sink th USS Liberty knew they were attacking a U.S. flagged vessel. The pilots were ordered to continue the attack in which 26 sailors were murdered by the Israelis. The crew of the USS Libertywas ordered to keep quiet or else. This crew was “left behind” while the President of the US kissed the behinds of the articles criminals who murdered US servicemen. Yes on this issue my Navy bratness shines through. I cannot convey the depth of anger that many U.S. servicemen and their families had for President Johnson after he slapped the crew for having the nerve to survive. This was the same President who started a war surge in Vietnam based on a lie (a supposed attack on another US military ship off the Vietnam coast).

On an individual basis most people are decent and shouldn’t be blamed for the actions of their idiot leaders.


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