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Can we talk about forbidden subject?

Domestic terrorism

There is this guy Bundy in Nevada who uses government land as free range for his cattle. He is in a stand off with the Federal Government over unpaid grazing fees. Apparently his movement of refusing to pay the big bad Feds has caught the attention of the lunatic fringe.

This time the domestic terrorists was a lunatic couple. It is impossible for sane people to understand the motives of crazy people. Forget being PC. The words used by professionals are useless in explaining the actions of delusional mentally ill people. As the cops dig into the background of this couple they will find two people living in an alternative universe. Since the police lost two of their own they will be digging very deep. But I suspect that this was a terrorists cell of two.

Sane people know that violence isn’t productive. Sane people have empathy. Sane people recognize that other humans have family and friends who grieve and mourn those that die in violent attacks. Sane people avoid violence.

The terrorists in Las Vegas were bat shit crazy – they have left behind a mess for the rest of us sane folks to clean up. Many cops are already paranoid and a few are too quick with their trigger finger. Now they will be even more fearful of civilians. When cops are scared – they can become irrational and more likely to shoot first. The photos of the nutjob terrorists show normal looking average people. They don’t look like – well the image of Islamic terrorists – do they? So what’s the scared cop going to do – especially the police who are poorly trained and not properly tested psychologically.

We all – cops and we civilians – need to stand down. This current case of terrorism was fuel by a lot of hate. The couple who has been identified as the kills fed off of the hate. You know the right-wing hate that I I’m talking about. The Bundy group is full of this anti-war hate. We saw this hatred flare when POW Bergdahl was traded for some POW Taliban. We saw the GOP demand a trial and execution of Bergdahl. The mob has been called to attack. The guy in the White House is a nominal Democrat and the crazies are rabid.

Only crazy people would choose police officers as assassination targets. These crazy people killed themselves – which is puzzling. They weren’t crazy enough to believe that they could get away with murdering the representatives or symbols of what they hate. Only crazy people believe that all government and everyone who represents the Federal government are bad. Sane people realize that to most Federal employees are merely cogs in the machine doing their jobs. Sane people know that we need Federal, State and county employees or we would we living in a world of violent chaos. Sane humans need order and rules in order to survive. These killers were not sane. Perhaps they visualized in their alternative reality that their terrorism would serve as a catalyst to make sane people turn into an insane mob.

Please don’t let that happen.


Additional links and comments.


Cenk Uygur has things to say about the crazy Las Vegas couple what wanted to start the next revolution. Using guns to fight the system is dumb. Uygur certainly has a way with words. Many of us know something is wrong with the system.

The armed guy in Wal-Mart who thought he could personally take on the batshit crazy couple was dumb – not a hero but dumb. What the armed wannabe hero did was confront the armed terrorist – while not aware of the armed female part of the terrorist pair. Crazy armed person comes into a public store – get the hell out. If possible if you are a trained observed do what you have to do to survive. Trying to be a rational sane human in front of batshit insane idiots – well learn from the mistakes of the well guy who is now dead. Why is the Federal government arming police with military grade equipment in communities where there is little to no crime? Why are cops fighting the war on drugs by tossing a grenade in a baby crib? No matter how awful those crime against civilians are – resorting to violence in the name of some sort of revolution is wrong. I agree with Uygur take on this.

Cops are a tool – they are being used. Some cops like to be used, they are authoritarian personalities. There are too many bad cops – it is hard to tell the difference between the bad cops and the good cops – they all wear the same uniform.

What we do know about the assassinated cops is that they had wives and children. The greatest fear of wives and the kids of cops is that knock at the door. Most cops like most military personnel are just doing a job and obeying orders. The rot is further up the chain of command – the bad cops aren’t being fired.

The woman customer who killed in the initial news report was the female half of the crazy couple. She killed her husband and then herself.


This opinion piece is about the right-wing violence coming to us. The aim of the batshit crazy couple was to begin the revolution. The believed that the Bundy ranch dust up was the start of the revolution. Bundy did have a racist rant melt down which made the Republicans back away from him.

There is a whole lot of hate going on. Rawstory has a news item about the resurgence of the KKK and the active recruitment of war veterans to fill its membership. Then the Washington post has publicized two hate opinion pieces about women. George Will continuing the male rights propaganda that rape doesn’t happen as often as women know it happens. And then the other article is an opinion piece that women just need big strong men to protect them. Obviously the authors have no clue.

Misogyny and racism are closely related and these twin hatred of others part of the radical right’s reasons to exist. “If only people who aren’t white knew their place and if only women knew their place . . . . The radical right has found the perfect scapegoats.” Also there is the trend of using Hitler salutes and slogans when the nutjob do their public terrorism.

Waco was different and probably shouldn’t be included in the 90s review of radical right terrorism. The Branch Davdians was a religious cult who wanted to be left alone to study obscure prophecy found in the Bible. The ATF leaders had no experience or knowledge of what was holding this cult together. The ATF assumed that they were dealing with a typical right-wing group. Unfortunately the ATF miscalculated and a lot of people died. There are many survivors of that stand off who have told their stories and explained their religious belief. More on Waco later.

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