We are all suspects in war zones

Sometime last year there was a news item about a TSA “agent” calling a four year old child a “suspect”. The next logical step is to assume that anyone in or near an airport, regardless of age, is also a suspect. Many of my friend thought I had gone off the deep end. No not at all – as a teenager living on base during the Vietnam war we civilians were treated as suspects. Military bases are Constitution free zones – the U.S. Constitution was not in force for anyone on military bases. Legal eagles may argue otherwise but I’m explaining the reality of life as a military brat growing up on a military reservation.

In earlier blogs I have mentioned that I am witnessing the military reservation attitude creep out beyond the military into the civilian world. Police departments are being militarized through direct equipment grants from Homeland InSecurity and through the purchase of surplus military equipment. These police departments use the reason for spending tax payer money for offensive military gear is because the U.S. is a war zone. So now we know why cops are basically getting away with murdering unarmed people and sleeping babies. The U.S. is a war zone. As we all know anything goes in a war zone. The U.S. military controlled NSA spies on everyone. Again for the same reason – we are all suspects.

Quote below from Techdirt article linked above.

Law Enforcement Agencies Continue To Obtain Military Equipment, Claiming The United States Is A ‘War Zone
from the bringing-citizens-the-war-they-never-wanted dept
That law enforcement agencies across the US are swiftly converting themselves into military outfits is hardly a surprise at this point. The problem is that nothing seems to be slowing them down, not even the dismayed reactions of citizens supposedly under their care.

The government’s desire to offload its unused military hardware at deeply discounted rates has turned a few outliers into the new normal. Towns as with populations well under the 10,000 mark have secured Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles, supposedly in order to keep up with a non-existent arms race between the good guys and the bad guys.

The MRAPs are only the most visible symptom of law enforcement’s desire to dress for battle. Along with the vehicles (which normally run from $250,000-$750,000 but are routinely paid for by DHS grants awarded to requests that mention the word “terrorism” or “drugs” in a sufficiently terrified manner), agencies are also picking up military-grade weapons like grenade launchers and automatic weapons. The low prices and large grants make this an opportunity few agencies are able to resist.”

So if you are in your own home and get shot – know that you had it coming because everyone is a suspect and you probably are breaking so many laws that . . .  


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