Not paranoid yet about NSA spying?

This article in the Guardian is about the U.S. PENTAGON militarization of social science. So while we have nut job Conservatives degrading a degree in say Anthropology the U.S. military is Preparing for mass civil breakdown by using social science research. Read the article – questions are asked and not being answered.

It is absolutely amazing how much money the military has to spend on spying into every detail of our lives. The next thing the Pentagon might do is to arrest pacifists and torture them to see exactly how much physical and psychological abuse a human mind and body can take. Wait that’s what the military has been doing in Vermont – maybe? At this point who the hell knows? Everyone is a suspect. Hey you military officers who think up ways to spend money how about ENDING RAPE in the military?

This information should come as a surprise – but it doesn’t. The first American Psychology Association conference I attended in the 1970s was infiltrated by the military, we knew who they were. We already knew that the military was funding some of the psychological research – the personality restructuring research. Check the first part of the Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein for a review of just one spook funded personality restructuring project by a Canadian.

How are some Americans being turned into cult followers – who are willing to vote against their own interests? Who or what group is funding the cult mouth pieces who are willing to turn over their wages to the Billionaires. Something is happening. How is the Pentagon involved?

“Many independent scholars are critical of what they see as the US government’s efforts to militarise social science in the service of war. In May 2008, the American Anthropological Association (AAA) wrote to the US government noting that the Pentagon lacks “the kind of infrastructure for evaluating anthropological [and other social science] research” in a way that involves “rigorous, balanced and objective peer review”, calling for such research to be managed instead by civilian agencies like the National Science Foundation (NSF).”

NGO personnel have been killed because they are seen as double agents for the U.S. military. Pakistan and the work done to vaccinate children against polio comes to mind. Anthropologist researching in third world countries could easily be mistaken for something else.

Unfortunately this article is not surprising. What is different is that the nefarious behavior of the Pentagon now has a name – the Militarization of the Social Sciences.


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