Iraq, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya

And the list goes on.

The Middle East is a mess. Parts of the Middle East has oil and the rest has ports to transport oil and gas.

Right now the Neocons are demanding U.S. troops on the ground. Why? The Bush/Cheney tag team got their war. Iraq was dismantled and put back together by an inept but well meaning clan of Keystone fumble fingers. Thousands of lives were sacrificed to the alter of oil. For a time oil was pumped out from under Iraqi’s sand dunes and onto oil tankers. Who knows where the oil is going now – has the oil pipeline stopped? What about the oil being piped over land to Israel?

Oil is a major factor in the Middle East as is water. Wars are fought over both resources.

Obama has options. How will he play this hand? So far he has been working from the Bush/Cheney play book.

How many more lives will be lost and ruined in this war of greed. We the people can only expect more lying from the politicians. Follow the money.

Then the blond bimbo of Fox is preaching the saint GW Bush gospel. This is a Fox news segment with blond cookie cutter Bimbo interviewing the choir – former GE Bush staffers or himbos. (Himbo being the male bimbo).

” “He was too anxious to abandon successes in Iraq, and potentially in Afghanistan, and be saddled with problems that will affect America for a very long time,” he added. “So, not having a status of forces agreement in Iraq is a horrible problem President Obama is facing, and he created that problem.”

As London School of Economics and Political Science professor Fawaz Gerges recently pointed out, “hundreds, if not thousands, of skilled officers of Saddam Hussein’s … joined ISIS” after the Bush administration decided to break up Iraq’s military.”

See what happens when the army and police force are fired? The Neocons thought that they could remake Iraq in the Neocon fantasy of the perfect world. However the bad Saddam didn’t have Al Quida – he took care of those nasties. Now Saddam has been hung and GW Bush has Saddam’s gun. (Really – there was a story about a visitor to the Oval office, then occupied by GW. Bush brought out a covered tray – the visitor was told that this was Saddam’s favorite gun.)

Professional observers of the Iraq mess predicted that the mass firing of Saddam’s military and police force was a bad decision. This is the prediction that has turned out right on the money. Stupidest idea to tear apart a country, install government and a whole new civil service apparatus. The power void are being filled and the dumb Neocons want to continue digging that hole.

And at no time during the segment did MacCallum or Card mention that it was President Bush who signed the status of forces agreement in 2008 that said all U.S. troops would be withdrawn from Iraq by 2012.”

Additional links:

Neocons deserve to be ignored. Why are these old guys even given air time?

“The simple fact is this: We are a country where poor teenagers are locked up for the slightest transgression, but with vanishingly few exceptions, elites are shielded from the consequences of their actions. If you’re a billionaire who funds calls for aggressive austerity at the expense of ordinary Americans, a banker who helped crash the global economy, or a pundit who pushed the country into a disastrous war, you’ll never be sanctioned. If anything, you’ll be rewarded with audiences to listen to you, firms to hire you, and producers to book you on Sunday morning shows.

Neocons deserve one thing: to be ignored.”


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