A Nation divided

Why can’t we get along. According to recent polls America is greatly divided – the statistical image looks like two mobs fighting. We do know that this war between the blues and the red is fuel by special interests. It is relatively easy to use emotional triggers to make mobs to respond like a unified crazed beast. We know that the media is often a propaganda tool for the government. The time lines of the march towards war on Iraq in 2003 linked in the previous blog post clearly show which news organization and which talking heads were using the White House talking points. Fox news was very much in camp GW Bush – WMD was the frequent chant. England’s Tony Blair made outlandish WBD claim what we now know for a fact were a figment of his imagination. He is even now defending his lies. What Blair wanted was to be part of the gang robbing the bank/oil so that his country wouldn’t be left out of the cash winnings.

Politicians working with the media can create a mob mentality. Then tack on the other special interests that fuel the political campaigns and we realize that not much of our precious Bill of Rights are left.

Going back in history – our pre constitutional history when a King way off in England was making the rules. America had grown up and wanted to be treated as a grown up equal to England. But the King pulled out his belt and started dealing out punishment to the naughty teens. My family’s roots go way back to that pre constitutional era. I have a lot of contrarian genes from both sides of my genealogy. The Bill of Rights are about Fairness. Our founding Fathers did not want a monarchy. But according to the GW Bush lawyers and the Obama White House lawyers we do have a monarchy. Four years at a time. The four year reign.

It is amazing how these lawyers can twist words so that the current monarch gets what he wants. Then that loyal lawyer gets a life appointment judgeship. Just like the good old days of the pre constitutional era. Call in the media lap dogs who uses emotional triggers to whip up the mob – and the death of the constitution is a done deal. Trigger words – WMD, abortion, guns, Moslem, al Qaida, terrorism etc. Etc.

Here is a relevant passage from Peter van Buren, RIP Bill of Rights, reprinted in firedoglake.com

In those years, protest was dangerous. Speech could indeed make you the enemy of the government. Journalism could be a crime if you didn’t write in support of those in power. A citizen needed to watch what he said, for there were spies everywhere, including fellow colonists hoping for a few crumbs from the king’s table. Laws could be brutal and punishments swift as well as extra-judicial. In extreme cases, troops shot down those simply assembling to speak out.

Among the many offenses against liberty in pre-constitutional America, one pivotal event, the Stamp Act of 1765, stands out. To enforce the taxes imposed by the Act, the king’s men used “writs of assistance” that allowed them to burst into any home or business, with or without suspicion of wrongdoing. American privacy was violated and property ransacked, often simply as a warning of the king’s power. Some colonist was then undoubtedly the first American to mutter, “But if I have nothing to hide, why should I be afraid?” He soon learned that when a population is categorically treated as a potential enemy, everyone has something to hide if the government claims they do.”

Parts of that remind me what happened to the Occupy Wall Street protesters. King Obama must have been involved to have the Imperial Agency of the Homeland InSecurity involved in spying on the protesters trying to get the attention of the 99 %. Then there is the claim by police departments that they are at war. Which would mean that we are all the suspects – the enemy.

The 1 % has managed to use their vast international fortunes to divide and then to conquer th American people. FOX news talking heads rant and the faithful start sending out the chain email. At this point I’m not sure if the blue side is playing defense or offense. The FOX news driven email tends to be more emotional. Although some of the cartoons about Obama lying every time he opens his mouth seem very much on target. Even the left wing progressive send out those cartoons. Both sides mostly agree on that. There are still the Obama defenders and those that make excuses for his “mistakes”.

I’m what is called a participant observer. I mostly watch how others respond to stimulus. Most of the time I’m not sure where I belong on that statistical graph of the reds and the blues. Actually I look better wearing Orange, yellow, or purple. If there were a statistical graph to represent honesty – that’s more my speed. Add in Critical thinking along with blunt honest honesty – there is no political party or organization with those two planks.

When the Supremes refuse to hear a case about the first Amendment rights of the press – we know for sure that the Constitution is dead and the final death blow happened during the reign of King Obama in the year 2014. Long live the King.


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